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Magic and Healing – The Power of the Mind

By Josephine McCarthy

In today’s crazy world of crappy foods, high level pollution and never ending stress, healing and the need to maintain the body is a constant worry for many. For magicians and healers, it is an even more important priority. Magicians become far more sensitive to external toxicity and healers these days often . . . → Read More: Magic and Healing – The Power of the Mind

Science, Medicine, and Bad Advice

By Nornoriel Lokason

So in the go-round of posts within the pagan blogosphere on the topic of calling out the elephant in the room of anti-Western-medicine sentiment in the pagan community, I have seen a couple comments elsewhere where people have said something to the effect of “I’ve told people to go off their meds . . . → Read More: Science, Medicine, and Bad Advice

Nourishing the Soul: the Magic of Replenishment

By Tressabelle

Most of us magical folk know what to do if we’ve been feeling spiritually out of sorts or have had negative energies around our home; we do cleansing and purification rituals. Such rituals get rid of negativity, but often something more is needed. A second step after the purification process should be to . . . → Read More: Nourishing the Soul: the Magic of Replenishment

Spirit-work and Self-care

By Nornoriel Lokason

I am a spirit-worker – my life is not my own, but lived in full-time service to the Powers… in my specific case, the Vanir. (I have other intensive relationships with entities outside this pantheon, but I would not define them as service-oriented.) I have been dismembered, killed, and reborn in my . . . → Read More: Spirit-work and Self-care

How Yoga Practice Can Transform Your Relationship To Food

By Melissa Grabau

A good yoga class provides a physical workout with a healthy serving of food for thought. Like a side salad with your meal, worthwhile nourishment is to be had in the crisp insights and tender offerings from the teacher. One such insight that I received during a sweaty weekend morning practice many . . . → Read More: How Yoga Practice Can Transform Your Relationship To Food

Bee Medicine – The Splendors of Honey

By Ellen Evert Hopman

In a time when bees are threatened by the use of nicotine based pesticides and fungicides we need to learn all we can to protect them. For thousands of years humanity has relied on bees and their honey for food, medicine, and to pollinate crops. Before you buy any plant be . . . → Read More: Bee Medicine – The Splendors of Honey

Magical Enhancements of Your Body

By Taylor Ellwood

The other day I read an interesting post by Mr. Black on human enhancement. I’ve always been fascinated by how a person can enhance his/her body using magic since I first started practicing magic. In my book Inner Alchemy, I described some of my work toward that purpose, but there’s a lot . . . → Read More: Magical Enhancements of Your Body

Hippokrátēs’ Internal Physician

By Elani Temperance

Ancient Hellas is often lauded as the birth place of modern science and philosophy. Certainly in the arts of medicine and healing, this is true. Hippokrátēs of Kos (Ἱπποκράτης) is seen by many as the founding father of medicine, and today–seeing as I’m a little sick with the flue–I wanted to talk . . . → Read More: Hippokrátēs’ Internal Physician

Not Tonight Honey

By Kathy Gruver

Headaches have been plaguing humans, probably since humans have been in existence. And though they do offer a traditional excuse for avoiding intimacy, headaches can also interfere with daily functioning and take the joy out of life. According to the National Headache Association:

• 45% of respondents missed at least 5 family . . . → Read More: Not Tonight Honey

The Human Body as a Bioregion

By Lupa

We humans like to think of ourselves as individual entities, moving autonomously through a world populated with other individual entities. We think of our skins as the boundaries between ourselves and everything that isn’t us. Symbiotic living is left to the like of the Portuguese man-of-war and lichens, colonies of group minds are . . . → Read More: The Human Body as a Bioregion