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The Pagan Quality of Shakespeare’s Nature-Comedies

By Zan Fraser

Can one think of a better dramatic representation of the Earth-oriented mind-set than William Shakespeare’s As You Like It (c.1600) ? Cause I can’t.

As You Like It is kind of the ultimate paean to the return-to-Nature lifestyle. It espouses the same sort of attitude found at Pagan meet-ups such as Starwood . . . → Read More: The Pagan Quality of Shakespeare’s Nature-Comedies

A Different Heaven

by J.L.Stanley

A Different Heaven

Who will remember the truth, behind the way morning glories devour fences and telephone poles, is life hunger and the way it feels to stretch out delicate green tendrils and pour forth so much purple? And who will remember the perfection, that ten thousand wild geese, screaming in a . . . → Read More: A Different Heaven

How To Make Lasagne

By Echidne

First you need an incentive. In-laws will do. They don’t like your cooking, they don’t like you. You wish that they’d like you, or at least your cooking, because then life would be easier for everybody. And you are a woman who has been taught that it is worthwhile to seek approval.

. . . → Read More: How To Make Lasagne

The Death of Pagan Mythology in Beowulf

by Michael R Allen

Beowulf is an epic poem written in the 8th Century by a Pagan warrior-poet. Reinterpreted in the 11th Century by two distinct Christian monks, this poem has both Pagan and Christian religious motifs throughout the writing. Beowulf is centrally a transitory literary piece from the Pagan era to a Christian . . . → Read More: The Death of Pagan Mythology in Beowulf

Five NOVELS for pagan readers

by Samantha Holloway

We all know that Pagans have a different view of the world and the way it works than the average mainstream person does– our myths are different, and our framework is different. Like anything else, mainstream assumptions about how things work tend to get into the books people write, and from a . . . → Read More: Five NOVELS for pagan readers

The Yule Faeries….A Winter Solstice Story

(author unknown)

A group of little Faeries huddled in their home deep under the roots of a giant oak tree. They were safe and snug in their tiny underground cave lined with dandelion fluff, bird feathers, and dried moss.

Outside, the wind blew cold and the snow fell softly down to cover the ground. “I . . . → Read More: The Yule Faeries….A Winter Solstice Story

The Tale of Mabon: A Bedtime Story

By Ali

The kids sit each in their beds, the littlest one propped up half upside-down on her elbows, her tiny bare toes playing over the pinewood slats of the bunk above hers. Their father has just finished lighting the candle of the newly created altar, its offering bowl already overflowing with small gifts from . . . → Read More: The Tale of Mabon: A Bedtime Story

Drew Dellinger’s Poem on Thomas Berry

by Gus diZerega

Given the negativity that so easily can come to seem the defining feature of this society, it’s good to be reminded of why so many of us push back against the forces of dark ignorance. Drew Dellinger’s poem is a wonderful statement of why, and a reminder to us all that good . . . → Read More: Drew Dellinger’s Poem on Thomas Berry

The Traveling Man

The land rises up, darkly wooded, and surrounds the house like a downy cloak, an obscuring field of green and brown which upsets the passage of time. Something of the old world is still living in the land under the house, and in the house. The little stream runs silently on, a boundary shades cannot . . . → Read More: The Traveling Man

In Praise of Nature Poetry

by Gus diZerega

Nature poetry is important in helping us reconnect with the living earth, an experience even some Pagans have not personally experienced (yet). National Poetry Month is a fine time to reflect on this, and share some poems. Our society relates to nature as a sociopath relates to others, and with as much . . . → Read More: In Praise of Nature Poetry