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Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Identity

By Mel Fleming II

Sexuality, while it should be a topic of freer thinking in the pagan community, is still viewed with great suspicion in many of our circles, covens, and pagan philosophies. In fact, it has become a very sensitive topic, bringing out suspicion, fear and misinformation, which we would normally discover in the . . . → Read More: Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Identity

I’m not Pansexual, and I don’t say I am

By Kat MacMorgan

I lost an online friend a few months ago not because we disagreed about anything real, but because I have adamantly said that I was not Pansexual, I was a plain old bisexual. After a while, she started to understand my POV, and wrote me a lovely email, but (with her permission) . . . → Read More: I’m not Pansexual, and I don’t say I am

Sexuality and Paganism

By Starhawk

Pagans have a multiplicity of opinions on almost any subject, but if there’s one thing we probably all agree upon, it’s sex. Sex, in Pagan thealogy, is a Good Thing, a gift of the Goddess, a way we connect deeply and intimately with one another and with the great creative forces of life. . . . → Read More: Sexuality and Paganism

Improving Humankind through Sexual Energy

By Olen Rush

Most folks that are interested in Magick or the Occult are aware that ancient fertility rites were performed for agricultural and religious purposes.

However, there has been, for long ages, a subtle line of thought that these same types of fertility rites can be used to induce the incarnation of . . . → Read More: Improving Humankind through Sexual Energy

Psychic speed dating

It’s different, it’s new. Heather Smith, at the Sir Thomas Hotel, watches some black magic women – and men – attempt to tap off while tapping the tables.

Dream lover, where are you? You know, you ought to get out more. There’s nothing or, crucially, NOBODY that can’t be got from the mystic world. At . . . → Read More: Psychic speed dating

If he lets you buy his undies, you’re The One

Men only buy their own underpants when they are hoping to entice a potential partner into a relationship, according to a new survey.

The poll by British retailer Debenhams showed that men normally leave the purchasing of their underwear to their mothers until about the age of 19, relatively late when compared to women, who . . . → Read More: If he lets you buy his undies, you’re The One

Bodily Fluids and Sexual Magick

By Olen Rush

The Reproductive Cycle of Humankind can (and should) be viewed as a Microcosm of the Creative Act of the Universe. An initial dichotomy manifests as two opposites, which through union creates something totally distinct from either source. This union temporarily “destroys” the individuality of both in the “fusing together” of the . . . → Read More: Bodily Fluids and Sexual Magick

Dangerous liaisons: Why we find vampires sexy

By Brian Alexander

It’s official: there are now enough vampires flying around the pop culture landscape to fill Transylvania Stadium during homecoming.

In the past week alone, a new novel co-written by a descendant of Dracula author Bram Stoker has been released, a comic book company has announced that Stephen King is helping write . . . → Read More: Dangerous liaisons: Why we find vampires sexy

Divine Sex

by Diana Agorio

Do you like sex? Do you suspect that your culture has framed your ideas about sex? The answer to the last question is most certainly “yes.” Since Western Culture was primarily Christian for the last 1500 years, we are heavily influenced by ideas established by that religion. This book is a study . . . → Read More: Divine Sex

Outspoken Activists Defend Africa’s Sexual Diversity

The second World Outgames, held in the Danish capital, offered up a veritable smorgasbord of sport, politics and arts while celebrating sexual and gender diversity. But it also reminded participants that bigotry against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, sometimes culminating in violence, remains a scourge across the world.

At the closing of . . . → Read More: Outspoken Activists Defend Africa’s Sexual Diversity