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Pagans and Monogamy

By Patti Wigington

A reader writes in with an interesting dilemma. He says, Recently my girlfriend and I began spending a lot of time with a local coven. She is spending a lot of time (without me) in the presence of one of the group’s other male participants. She has hinted that she’s very attracted . . . → Read More: Pagans and Monogamy

Horoscope Feng Shui

Using “Eight Mansions” for Dazzling Relationships

By Denise Liotta Dennis

Did you know that certain homes can support and ignite affairs, divorce, being bullied at work, conflict with family members, lawsuits, and other very unpleasant and disrupting events? Feng Shui techniques can find these possible scenarios and cure them.

Feng Shui dates back to . . . → Read More: Horoscope Feng Shui

Five Considerations when Dating an Olosha or Santero(a)

By Omimelli

When I met my husband, I was not initiated in Santería. However, our passion for the religion became a common ground that helped us to further cement our relationship. But what happens when one of the partners in a relationship is an olosha and the other person is not a believer?

Dating is . . . → Read More: Five Considerations when Dating an Olosha or Santero(a)

Which Element Are You?

Discovering the Five Elements to Find, Make, and Keep Lasting Love

By Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy

Whether you’re currently in a long-term, committed relationship, or just beginning your soul mate search, romantic partners can be confusing. Perhaps you connect fantastically with your new lover in the bedroom…but not so much anywhere else. Perhaps the . . . → Read More: Which Element Are You?

Relationships and Your Natal Lunar Phase

By April Elliott Kent

When I began studying astrology, I imagined that sexy Venus and passionate Mars held the secrets to understanding love. After all, most youthful dreams of future soul mates feature torrid tangos of passion and enthrallment. The notion of ending up in a relationship like Mom and Dad’s—so little kissing, so much . . . → Read More: Relationships and Your Natal Lunar Phase

Would Arranged Marriage Work For Pagans?

By Star Foster

Many of you probably already hate this idea, just from the title. Let me save you some time: I know that you hate it and I know why you hate it. I already know that most Pagans do not share the views I’m expressing here, and I don’t care. Now that that . . . → Read More: Would Arranged Marriage Work For Pagans?

Celebrating the Good Ones

By Nimue Brown

A few years ago, talking to Damh the Bard, he made the important point that you cannot have strong, empowered femininity without also having strong, empowered masculinity, and that the reverse is equally true.

By contrast, an ex of mine was generally of the opinion that empowering women displaced men, pushing them . . . → Read More: Celebrating the Good Ones

Married couples at a record low

By Carol Morello

The proportion of adults who are married has plunged to record lows as more people decide to live together now and wed later, reflecting decades of evolving attitudes about the role of marriage in society.

Just 51 percent of all adults who are 18 and older are married, placing them on the . . . → Read More: Married couples at a record low

Paganism: A New Vision of Family

By Star Foster

[Snip] Among the many lessons I have learned since embracing Paganism is that family is not a fixed concept. It’s not a ready-made box set with pre-determined roles: here a father, here a mother, and there the biological children of the two. Family is made up of people who love you and . . . → Read More: Paganism: A New Vision of Family

Sexy Herbs

By OSusun S. Weed

[Snip]Oatstraw infusion is my favorite sexual tonic, for both men and women. It frees up, and thus increases, the amount of circulating testosterone. This aids lubrication, improves blood flow, increases stiffness, amps up interest, and heightens enjoyment. Postmenopausal women say oatstraw turns a vaginal desert into a flowing oasis. A cup . . . → Read More: Sexy Herbs