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Nourishing the Soul: the Magic of Replenishment

By Tressabelle

Most of us magical folk know what to do if we’ve been feeling spiritually out of sorts or have had negative energies around our home; we do cleansing and purification rituals. Such rituals get rid of negativity, but often something more is needed. A second step after the purification process should be to . . . → Read More: Nourishing the Soul: the Magic of Replenishment

Medea's Ritual of the Mandrake

By Sarah Anne Lawless

Witch, pharmakon, demi-goddess, princess, niece of Circe, fierce devotee of Hecate, and beloved sorceress of ancient Greek and Roman literature. Whether a fictional or historical figure, Medea has always fascinated me. My favourite tale featuring the witch Medea is Apollonius Rhodius’ The Argonautica from around 200 BC (though its sources are . . . → Read More: Medea’s Ritual of the Mandrake

Coffee Magick 101: Wake Up People !

By Lilith Dorsey

[Snip] New Orleans Voodoo pairs coffee with everything from blessings to bourbon. The city is known for it’s preference for coffee with chicory. Natives of the crescent city often add eggshells to cut the bitterness of the blend and give it a flavor all it’s own. This however is much more than . . . → Read More: Coffee Magick 101: Wake Up People !

Banishing Spells and Folklore

By Patti Wigington

Disclaimer: The spells contained on this website are collected from years of personal experience, folk magic traditions, and various occult sources as noted. They are posted with the intention of being helpful to those who are looking for spell resources, and may need to be adjusted to fit your individual need. Please . . . → Read More: Banishing Spells and Folklore

The Voodoo Doll Spellbook, by Denise Alvarado

Reviewed by Lilith Dorsey

Honestly, I probably shouldn’t write this, but when my editor at Patheos asked me if I would like to review The Voodoo Doll Spellbook, I wasn’t sure what to say. I have been a Voodoo priestess and anthropologist for over two decades and quite frankly, in my personal experience, the “Voodoo . . . → Read More: The Voodoo Doll Spellbook, by Denise Alvarado

Sweetening Spells

By Tressabelle

Sweetening spells are not necessarily love spells. On the contrary, they are mostly used to soften the heart of someone who may not like you so well or who may potentially cause you trouble, or someone who has power over you like a judge or employer. Imagine that you have an enemy. Well, . . . → Read More: Sweetening Spells

Love Spells

By Sarah Anne Lawless

[Snip] Have no illusions, these are not questions or work for a white witch. Love spells are black magic. Love spells to manipulate the body, heart, and soul. Love spells to dominate, to bind, to cause destruction and madness and pain.

Love spells are not about love, they are about the . . . → Read More: Love Spells

Bottle Spells and Magick in Hoodoo Tradition

By Taliesin

Bottle magick is a highly versatile and powerful form of spell work. Those who master this art swear by it. This method of spell casting is very practical, and is used to achieve “real-world” results, such as attaining love, getting rid of unwanted situations, or to get that pay raise at your job. . . . → Read More: Bottle Spells and Magick in Hoodoo Tradition

Imbolc Countdown: Imbolc Oil

By Patti Wigington

[Snip] This oil blend combines Ginger, Clove and Rosemary, representing the elements of fire, with Cypress, associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius. To make Imbolc Oil, use 1/8 Cup base oil of your choice. Add the following:

– 3 drops Ginger – 2 drops Clove – 1 drop Rosemary – . . . → Read More: Imbolc Countdown: Imbolc Oil

Samhain Countdown: How To Make a Soul Cake

By Patti Wigington

Soul cakes were traditionally baked as a gift for the spirits of the dead. In many European countries, the idea of “Souling” became an acceptable alternative for Christians. The cakes took many different names and shapes — in some areas, they were simple shortbread, and in others they were baked as fruit-filled . . . → Read More: Samhain Countdown: How To Make a Soul Cake