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Pagans, Politics, and Values

By Gus diZerega

How might our Paganism influence our politics? A post I wrote before the election, was recently rebuked because I supposedly had no respect for nearly half the American people. Supposedly my views were alien to the Wiccan rede. I disagree as will be obvious, but my basic issue is not with the . . . → Read More: Pagans, Politics, and Values

Heathenry as an Anti-Imperialist Tradition

By Siegfried Goodfellow

[Snip] This is a matter of selection in whom we listen to, and in an empire, we are often encouraged to see and look through the empire’s eyes. Well, this was not how old Germanic warriors fighting against the Roman Empire saw things, and so we might begin by looking at other . . . → Read More: Heathenry as an Anti-Imperialist Tradition

Spiriting away Democracy

By Literata

A group of conservative Christians who want to make the US into a theocracy are “laying siege” to Washington DC with “spiritual warfare” – why this matters and what you can do.

This article is full of links both to give readers the opportunity to get a fuller background on what I discuss . . . → Read More: Spiriting away Democracy

Witch rejectioned by Greens

A REAL witch hoping for success in the forthcoming general election claims she has been rejected by the Green Party.

Sarah Goldsmith, 50, who lives in Torre, Torquay, made her parliamentary bid for the Green Party last month. She said her name was in the hat with others to become the Bay’s prospective parliamentary candidate. . . . → Read More: Witch rejectioned by Greens

Martha Coakley and Satanic Ritual Abuse

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

On Tuesday a special election is being held in Massachusetts to pick the replacement for the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, and despite the fact that the state is solidly liberal and reliably Democratic, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will win. Certainly part of it is that Scott Brown has been . . . → Read More: Martha Coakley and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Pagan Rites for Council Candidate

By Tom Robbins

Forget the mayoral, comptroller and public advocate races. The best political show in town is taking place in Bayside, Queens where leaders are wrestling with the question of whether a strong Republican city council nominee should be forced from his race — just because he’s a card-carrying pagan.

The candidate in question . . . → Read More: Pagan Rites for Council Candidate

Pagan Police Can Take Holy Days

Pagan police officers in Britain have been given the right to take eight days off work a year to celebrate “religious holidays” including Hallowe’en and the summer solstice.

It follows the setting up of a Pagan Police Association to represent officers who worship nature and believe in many gods.

Read the original article . . . → Read More: Pagan Police Can Take Holy Days

Zimbabwe: Witch hunters divide Obert Mpofu’s constituency

Tsikamudandas are threatening to divide Zimbabwean Minister of Mines and Mining Development Obert Mpofu Umguza constituency, The Zimbabwe Telegraph reports.

Villagers in the constituency summoned tsikamutanda’s to the district to weed out witchcraft elements within their midst.

When the villagers notified Mpofu he gave them a go ahead to consult the Tsikamudandas.

However trouble started . . . → Read More: Zimbabwe: Witch hunters divide Obert Mpofu’s constituency

Bigotry alive for Christian Dalits

Centuries ago, as their forefathers faced social and economic deprivation, many low-caste Hindus embraced Christianity.

But in one corner of southern India, their hopes for equality remain unfulfilled hundreds of years on. Called “pariahs”, hundreds of Dalit Christians continue to face discrimination – not from Hindus but fellow Christians.

Read the original article at: . . . → Read More: Bigotry alive for Christian Dalits

Keeping the Faith, Ignoring the History

By SUSAN JACOBY Published: February 28, 2009

NEARLY everyone now takes for granted the wisdom, constitutionality and inevitability of some form of federal financing for community social services run by religious groups. Who anymore can imagine that the United States managed to exist for over 200 years without the government providing any direct aid to . . . → Read More: Keeping the Faith, Ignoring the History