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WD-40, or On Praise

By Tess Dawson

When I was a kid going to Sunday School I used to hear the word “praise” get tossed around quite a bit. Even today, the word “praise” evokes in my mind an image of a beaming older woman happy to be at church, bringing her potluck tuna casserole in tow, and praising . . . → Read More: WD-40, or On Praise

Community and Tribe

By Angharad Lois

[Snip] I have a confession to make: I really dislike the word “tribe.” It makes me wince each time I read it. And I read it a lot in pagan circles.

Tribalism is founded on “othering,” on an opposition of “us” and “them.” While I have no doubt that the notion of . . . → Read More: Community and Tribe

Blood Sacrifice and Contemporary Polytheism

By Christos Pandion Panopoulos

Sacrifice and especially the Blood Sacrifice is the central single act of worship within the Hellenic Religion, around which all other acts of worship revolve. Everything from petitions to the Gods, to prayers, thanksgiving and general worship is organized and focused on this single act of Sacrifice. Ceremonies of a communal . . . → Read More: Blood Sacrifice and Contemporary Polytheism


By Avalon2012

In his book Apocalyptic Witchcraft, as well as his shorter essay Rewilding Witchcraft, one of Peter Grey’s central arguments is that contemporary paganism has been tamed by the standards of urbane bourgeois consumer society and the capitalist system that underlies it. He mocks what I call “Lifestyle Paganism” which he sees as a . . . → Read More: Panphage/Pangenetor

Spiritual Work Is Not the Polytheist or Pagan Equivalent of Free Cycle

By Galina Krasskova

So once again the issue of whether or not to pay our religious professionals has arisen, this time in an article on wild hunt. Really? Of course you should pay your specialists. I can’t believe how often this comes up. I think it’s indicative of the deeply unhealthy relationship our communities have . . . → Read More: Spiritual Work Is Not the Polytheist or Pagan Equivalent of Free Cycle

Sacred Earth and Sovereignty

Pagan Temples and Why They Matter

By Sable Aradia

[Snip] I’m sure you can’t help but have noticed how difficult it is to get anyone else to take us seriously. Generally the best we can hope for is to be mocked in the media; at least then someone is paying attention!

Is it because we . . . → Read More: Sacred Earth and Sovereignty

On Wiccan Magick, Theurgy, Thaumaturgy and Setting Expectations

By Coven of Andredsweald

Sooner or later somebody will want you to do tricks. The pitch is usually a little subtler, but the gist will be clear. There’s always the prurient curiosity of acquaintances, but more importantly students often come to the Craft seeking or building on an expanded view of what’s possible. I’ve . . . → Read More: On Wiccan Magick, Theurgy, Thaumaturgy and Setting Expectations

Can There Be Paganism Without the Occult?

By Jason Mankey

I think the word “occult” gets a bad rap. I think when a lot of people use it today they think of the Illuminati, triangles on dollar bills, Satanism, and perhaps high magic in the vein of The Key of Solomon. At its core occult simply means “hidden,” as the word is . . . → Read More: Can There Be Paganism Without the Occult?

Reconstructionism – What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why I Love It

By Morgan Daimler

[Snip] Reconstruction is a methodology that uses a variety of sources including archaeology, anthropology, mythology, folklore, and historical texts to reconstruct what an ancient belief or practice most likely would have been. Using this reconstruction of the old the belief or practice can then be adapted for modern practice. Or, as I . . . → Read More: Reconstructionism – What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why I Love It

Kemetic Priesthood Here and Now

By Devo

[Snip] Priesthood: What it Isn’t

It’s easier for me to start off by figuring out what I don’t think should necessarily be encompassed by Kemetic priests. I’ve had the fortune or misfortune of sitting in on many discussions regarding priesthood, and it seems that most people want priests to do a little bit . . . → Read More: Kemetic Priesthood Here and Now