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Walking Between the Worlds

By John Beckett

Shamans and witches have long been said to walk between the worlds – to move back and forth between the world of the living and the world of the Gods and ancestors. As Pagans, we live in the ordinary world, in trance and dreams we visit the Otherworld, and in our circles . . . → Read More: Walking Between the Worlds

On Differentiation: It Isn’t about “You”

By Theanos Thrax

There is a lot of conversation right now in the circles making up the Polytheist Movement, about differentiating polytheist religion (and its affiliated aforementioned movement, which must be understood as a human-rights movement organized around the premise of religious freedoms and identity dynamics) from other unrelated-but-intersecting social justice considerations and activisms. When . . . → Read More: On Differentiation: It Isn’t about “You”

Abundant Time

By Nimue Brown

[Snip] To me, living in the moment does not seem like engagement with life, but removal from it. Being in the moment sounds like pure immersion, but what does it do? It takes away the context for the experience. Humans have fairly linear lives, out of which we fashion narratives and understanding. . . . → Read More: Abundant Time

The Revolt of Remembering

By Rhyd Wildermuth

When we tell the story of modern Paganism, we tell a history as we understand it. But all history is only selective memory, a collection of what we choose to remember or what we know to include. The sum total of humanity’s experience cannot be recollected except by the sum total of . . . → Read More: The Revolt of Remembering

Pagans Are A Conquered People

By James Lindenschmidt

We Pagans are a conquered people. Our people have been systematically tortured, murdered, domesticated, and exploited. Our tribes have been displaced and scattered; we now live in tiny, redundant, inefficient and resource-hungry enclosure-cages creating an illusion of self-sufficiency and rugged individualism, while plugged in to the matrix with its feeding-tubes and thought-machine . . . → Read More: Pagans Are A Conquered People

We Polytheists Are the Biggest Threat to Polytheism

By Galina Krasskova

[Snip] I’ve been really disturbed lately with certain trends I see in the polytheist communities and it’s taken me over a month to really parse out why. I mean, I support a great deal of the social activism that I see going on within our various communities. I think our commitment to . . . → Read More: We Polytheists Are the Biggest Threat to Polytheism

Sorting Out the Sheep from the Goats

By Nick Farrell

[Snip] One of the difficult issues that a modern occult group faces is “who do you let in” which actually comes out as “who don’t you like.” The modern “new age” theory is that everyone should be let in unless you can find a damn fine reason not to. However his is . . . → Read More: Sorting Out the Sheep from the Goats

Towards a Pagan Politics

By Kadmus

We all must begin in our own way. How does a pagan address capitalism?

To answer this question I feel the need to make clear and sure the foundation of my own views on paganism’s relation to politics. If, as pagans, we are called to a social mission and not just a spiritual . . . → Read More: Towards a Pagan Politics

Rewilding, Eco-feminism, and the Reclaimation of Magic

By Danielle Prohom Olson

Okay so lets start by going back to the very beginning – women and wild food. Because once upon a time all food was wild – and it was the women who gathered it. But what we’ve forgotten today was that no aspect of food, from harvest to preparation to consumption, . . . → Read More: Rewilding, Eco-feminism, and the Reclaimation of Magic

Guerilla Wizardry: DIY Spiritual Pat(c)hwork

By The Dizzy Wizard

Mainstream religious thought is rife with oppressive doctrine, patriarchy, and bigotry. Global history is colored by the death that deity worship has caused, yet many of those who deny spiritual practice have adapted or acknowledged the beneficial tenets that are professed by most faiths. That is to say, in all things . . . → Read More: Guerilla Wizardry: DIY Spiritual Pat(c)hwork