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Husbands with poor maths skills cost wives thousands

Leaving men in charge of family finances could cost couples dearly, research suggests.

By Tim Ross

Husbands take the family decisions over investments in 62 per cent of households and even when men have weak numeracy skills, they are still as likely as their wives to be in control of investments.

But findings . . . → Read More: Husbands with poor maths skills cost wives thousands

Super Shrinks Psychoanalyze Superheroes

By David Moye

On July 22, Dr. H. Eric Bender, Dr. Praveen R. Kambam and Dr. Vasilis K. Pozios [spoke] at the San Diego Comic Con on a panel titled “Transcending Trauma: From the Birth of Batman to the Rise of the Red Hood.”

The trio, who work under the banner Broadcast Thought, are . . . → Read More: Super Shrinks Psychoanalyze Superheroes

Lady Gaga’s Secret Religion

By Jeremy Biles

Is Lady Gaga (the self-proclaimed “fame monster” so well known for her enticing pop music, outrageous fashion, and elaborately-staged spectacles) involved in a pseudo-religious conspiracy of global moment? The answer is “yes”—but not for the reasons that the conspiracy theorists believe.

The internet is abuzz with speculation about the pop superstar’s supposed . . . → Read More: Lady Gaga’s Secret Religion

1 in 5 Divorces Blamed on Facebook

By Kevin Parrish

Divorce-Online recently conducted a study and discovered that Facebook was named in one out of five American divorce petitions this year alone. The most common reason is that spouses are conducting inappropriate sexual chats with Facebook friends. The study, consisting of 5,000 divorce papers, also revealed that MySpace, Twitter, and Bebo also . . . → Read More: 1 in 5 Divorces Blamed on Facebook

Occult funeral for drug addict killed in ritual

A pagan rocker died at his drug-den farmhouse after a witchcraft ritual went nightmarishly wrong.

Junkie Jason Barriskill — who worked in the Tayto Castle food lab — was found slumped at his isolated home in Tandragee, Co Armagh, a fortnight ago. His body was surrounded by occult symbols and his sprawling 60-acre property housed . . . → Read More: Occult funeral for drug addict killed in ritual

Organic Wines Taste Better than Conventional, Cost Less

By Matthew McDermott

Organic produce and textiles may fetch a premium compared to their non-organic counterparts, are certainly better for the planet and your health, and often proudly proclaim their eco-friendly status. But when it comes to wine a new UCLA study finds that even though organic wines fare better in tastings than non-organic, if . . . → Read More: Organic Wines Taste Better than Conventional, Cost Less

The Mistress was a Witch

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

While the mainstream media has been generally focused on controversial statements from Harry Reid in John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s “Game Change,” a new book about the 2008 presidential election, there are some other surprising revelations to be found. For instance, did you know that Rielle Hunter, who famously had an affair . . . → Read More: The Mistress was a Witch

Is Nigella Lawson a Pagan?

by Kris Bradley

The question of whether Nigella Lawson, UK celebrity chef and author of Nigella Nigella Christmas: Food Family Friends Festivities, is a practicing Pagan was put to Lawson’s website forum. Lawson’s new book mentions Pagan practices repeatedly in both the introduction and within the recipe section of the book.

The question this . . . → Read More: Is Nigella Lawson a Pagan?

Wedding list: Flowers, church, liposuction?

By Paul Casciato

More than half of Britain’s brides-to-be and 39 percent of grooms are considering cosmetic surgery or an aesthetic treatment in preparation for their wedding, according to a new study.

Treatments and procedures under consideration ahead of the big day range from botox through to breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery advice website said.

. . . → Read More: Wedding list: Flowers, church, liposuction?

Alice Cooper’s supernatural name

Alice Cooper took his stage name from a message his mother received from a Ouija board.

The rocker originally performed under his real name, Vincent Furnier, until his mother’s dalliance with the occult led him to adopt the name of the group he was singing in.

He explained: “My mother did a Ouija board session . . . → Read More: Alice Cooper’s supernatural name