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When life is in tumult, readers turn to occult

Pop culture is dripping, dripping, with the occult.

The book and movie of “Twilight” have become instant megahits, HBO’s “True Blood” is one of the biggest shows on premium cable, and the novels of Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer are haunting the bestseller lists. Werewolves, then zombies, then vampires take turns as movie monster . . . → Read More: When life is in tumult, readers turn to occult

Bewitching Past for Harry Potter’s Emma Watson

Actress Emma Watson, who plays an exceptionally talented witch and the best friend of Harry Potter in the blockbuster Harry Potter series, has a real-life connection to her role as Hermione. According to the family history research experts at, English records show Watson’s distant relative was Joan Playle of Essex County, England, a 16th-century . . . → Read More: Bewitching Past for Harry Potter’s Emma Watson

New rituals for the (British) summer

“There’s much that’s predictable about a British summer, but it’s not a season preserved in aspic. Alongside the time-honoured traditions are emerging trends that say much about Britain in the 21st Century.”

Like, say, maize mazes from North America; tombstoning; re-enacting battles; urban beaches; and…sneezing. Trends moving across the pond?

Read the original article at: . . . → Read More: New rituals for the (British) summer

The Science of Dead Celebrities

Why do celebrities such as pop star Michael Jackson exert such a pull, especially when they’ve just passed away?

For decades, psychologists have been studying the one-way relationships we create with celebrities. Some researchers say such connections are merely a fact of life in a media-saturated age. Others suggest that celebrating dead celebrities offers a . . . → Read More: The Science of Dead Celebrities

Witch required for Wookey Hole Caves

A witch is being hunted to live in Wookey Hole Caves on a salary of £50,000 a year.

The tourist attraction near Wells, Somerset, has advertised at the local Job Centre for someone to teach visitors about witchcraft and magic after its previous employee retired.

The successful applicant ‘must be able to cackle’ and . . . → Read More: Witch required for Wookey Hole Caves

Le ‘Whif’ Inhalable Chocolate!

It may be a hoax, a sly artistic commentary, a vanity project or simply the greatest thing ever known to man. A Harvard professor has come up with what he call “Le Whif” — inhalable chocolate with zero calories.”Over the centuries we’ve been eating smaller and smaller quantities at shorter and shorter intervals,” says . . . → Read More: Le ‘Whif’ Inhalable Chocolate!

Morris Dancing

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Don’t call it a comeback! Morris dancing has been here for years! The Guardian’s music blog talks about how a younger generation interested and influenced by Pagan traditions, folk music, and a viral campaign for the faux-documentary “Morris: A Life With Bells On” are bringing new blood to a venerable tradition.

The . . . → Read More: Morris Dancing

Sympathy for the Devil?

by Jennifer Emick

Is Satanic panic on the wane? The media, at least, seems to be taking a rational approach of late. The Edmonton Vue presents a brief (and somewhat speculative) history of Satan, even managing to present a pretty fair picture of Aleister Crowley. In the end, it seems, it comes down to cows . . . → Read More: Sympathy for the Devil?

Just act paranormal

Just act paranormal By Tim Elliott

In March, producer David Taylor embarked on an unorthodox talent quest. Travelling around the country, he went looking for Australia’s hottest psychics – clairvoyants, mind readers, fortune tellers and other practitioners of the paranormal – whose abilities he intended to test before a live studio audience.

Taylor and his . . . → Read More: Just act paranormal

The meaning behind a Celtic knot tattoo

by Steven Magill

A Celtic knot tattoo is one of the most recognized body art. Its origins lay in the ancient history of the Celtic people and even if you are not affiliated with any clan, you may want to mark your body with such a notorious and beautiful tattoo.

The Celtic knot . . . → Read More: The meaning behind a Celtic knot tattoo