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Gaia Gathering: The Canadian National Pagan Conference

By Diane Morrison

This weekend, which is a holiday long weekend north of the 49th Parallel, Pagans from all over the vast expanse of the Canadian landscape will be meeting in Gatineau, Quebec (which is just across the river from our capital city Ottawa) to discourse on what it is to be Canadian and Pagan, . . . → Read More: Gaia Gathering: The Canadian National Pagan Conference

Proper Behaviour at Pagan Events

By Angela

I just have a few things to say to our ever-lovely growing pagan community. I would think that some of these things are common sense but apparently not everyone understands what it means to be an asshole.

Firstly, when you are in a tent camping area, it’s a dick move to sing at . . . → Read More: Proper Behaviour at Pagan Events

Norse Myth in Academia

A roundup of UCLA’s conference on Norse mythology — which was nothing like Pantheacon, but fascinating all the same.

By Steven T. Abell

I spent four days last week at UCLA attending a conference on Norse mythology. The High Powers of academia from all over the world were in attendance. It was interesting to meet . . . → Read More: Norse Myth in Academia

Beltane in Scotland

By David Leary

Beltane is based on a traditional pagan fertility festival of the same name, held to welcome the arrival of spring. It was revived in Edinburgh in 1988, and was set to be held on Arthur’s Seat – the site of the original Edinburgh pagan celebrations – but was moved to Calton Hill . . . → Read More: Beltane in Scotland

‘Occupy Wall Street’: A media blackout?

Has the spirit of the Arab Spring come to Wall Street, or are the protesters just anarchists looking for trouble? It started in Lower Manhattan. A handful of protesters descended on Wall Street calling themselves representatives of ‘the 99 per cent’ – the majority of Americans who feel unfairly treated by an economic system in . . . → Read More: ‘Occupy Wall Street’: A media blackout?

Merlin Stone Memorial Saturday to be Streamed Live

By Medusa

“Remembering Merlin Stone, a Memorial Celebration” this Saturday near Tampa, Florida, this Saturday, Sept. 24, 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. ET will be streamed live on the internet at , according to information we received today from Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary.

[Snip] In an email meant to be publicly circulated, Selena writes: “Merlin . . . → Read More: Merlin Stone Memorial Saturday to be Streamed Live

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

By BadWitch

There’s a full moon on Monday, September 12. That is also the date of the Chinese Moon Festival – sometimes called the Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. It always takes place at the full moon on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month.

The Moon Festival dates back more than 3,000 . . . → Read More: Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

International Pagan Coming Out Day, May 2, 2011

By Phaedra Bonewits

As we prepare to celebrate the festival of Beltane, a newer celebration is coming hard on its heels. This year, May 2nd has been designated International Pagan Coming Out Day. Coming right after Beltane, it’s a love fest in its own right, for by coming out, we are affirming our right to . . . → Read More: International Pagan Coming Out Day, May 2, 2011

Earth Day is April 22

By Patti Wigington

Every year, when I post my annual “Hey, Earth Day is coming up!” blog entry, I inevitably get emails from people who tell me (1) Earth Day isn’t a Pagan holiday so stop talking about it, (2) quit supporting the liberal ecoterrorist agenda, you damn hippie, and (3) Earth Day doesn’t do . . . → Read More: Earth Day is April 22

How to Organize a Pagan Event

By Patti Wigington

Let’s face it, at some point nearly all of us have read the listings of public Pagan events and festivals taking place somewhere, and wondered, “Why isn’t there something near ME?” Chances are if there’s nothing happening, it’s because no one has taken the time to organize it yet. And if YOU . . . → Read More: How to Organize a Pagan Event