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Of Fire and Water

The Old Norse Mythical Worldview in an Eco-Mythological Perspective

By Mathias Nordvig

The overall purpose of this dissertation is to address the subject of worldview in the context of Old Norse mythology. To this end, I ask the question:

(1) What is the constitution of the Old Norse worldview according to the literary mythological sources . . . → Read More: Of Fire and Water

Environmentalism and Pagan Religion

By Gus diZerega

[Snip] The greatest conflict between most thoughtful Pagans and modern society is our relationship with the other-than-human world. The reason is simple.

Modern society limits the moral universe to other human beings. A tiny fringe suggests expanding moral standing to include the “right kinds” of animals. Everything else is a tool for . . . → Read More: Environmentalism and Pagan Religion

Permaculture and Industrial Messes

By Selina Rifkin

Permaculture goes beyond the idea of sustainability into what can we do to add health and vitality to the Earth. It is not enough to sustain, we must do more than just get by if we are to have a relationship with life on our planet. Relationships don’t thrive on ‘sustainable.’

Even . . . → Read More: Permaculture and Industrial Messes

On Green Urban Living

By Lupa

A few years ago I wrote about sustainable urban living. Three and a half years later, it’s still a pretty big ideal of mine. There are countless people, pagan and otherwise, who dream of going to live out in the middle of nowhere, a handful of people per square mile. Some even consider . . . → Read More: On Green Urban Living

The Thing About Trees

By Nimue Brown

The whole Druids-trees thing is undoubtedly my favourite available Druid cliché. I don’t do white robes, am notably lacking in the beard department and am very seldom at Stonehenge, but trees, absolutely. Any chance I get. One of the problems with the last few years of boat life, is that trees have . . . → Read More: The Thing About Trees

Reconnecting with Home – a Pagan Perspective

By Gus diZerega

On a recent Friday evening shortly before Earth Day, I drove to Point Reyes Station to hear David Abram give a talk. Ever since I read his first book, The Spell of the Sensuous, Abram has been on my shortest list of authors to read, reread, and recommend to anyone I meet.

. . . → Read More: Reconnecting with Home – a Pagan Perspective

The Religious Implications of Peak Oil

By Sarenth Odinsson

[Snip] Peak Oil is a term that means that we have hit the peak of oil production which can meet global demand for it. Simply put, a peak occurs when demand outstrips production. There are plenty of online resources, some of which are here: The Oil Drum and Peak Oil, among a . . . → Read More: The Religious Implications of Peak Oil

Invasives: Enemies or Allies?

By Alison Leigh Lilly

[Snip] When I first moved to Seattle, I was enchanted by this lovely plant. Modestly nondescript during the first few wintery, rainy months I’d spent in the city, this evergreen shrub suddenly revealed itself with the warming spring weather, a fresh reminder of bright summery days to come. It seemed to . . . → Read More: Invasives: Enemies or Allies?

Crow Planet, by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Reviewed by Heather M. Mingo

In Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness, author Lyanda Lynn Haupt explores the relationship of humans and the more-than-human world from the perspective of the urban environment. Suitably, she focuses on crows in this exploration, for not only are crows one of the most familiar wild animals to . . . → Read More: Crow Planet, by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

No, I Will Not Take Cakes and Ale from Your Styrofoam Cup

By Shauna Aura Knight

If activism is about standing up, then I’m pulling out my soap box and standing on it. Sometimes activism is holding boundaries and saying no. If you offer me cakes and ale in a plastic, Styrofoam, or otherwise disposable cup, I will not take it.


I will not add to . . . → Read More: No, I Will Not Take Cakes and Ale from Your Styrofoam Cup