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How To Trust Your Tarot Readings

By Lilith Dorsey

Foretelling the future can be a tricky business. It’s hard to trust your own psychic abilities. They are skills one comes into by accident and design. There are lots of things that you can try. These can help to hone your skill if you’re a beginner or even a seasoned expert. I’ve . . . → Read More: How To Trust Your Tarot Readings

Divination, Knowledge of the Future, and Free Will

By Galina Krasskova

If we have knowledge of the future can we truly be said to act and choose freely?

I think this is perhaps the most common misconception about divination. Divination is a translation of patterns and potentiality; it is not a recounting of some immutable future. There are always choices. Wyrd, . . . → Read More: Divination, Knowledge of the Future, and Free Will

Are There Questions a Diviner Won’t Answer?

By Galina Krasskova

Are there any questions you won’t answer?

There are questions I don’t like (i.e. the “does Johnny love me?” variety) but there aren’t many questions that I’ll refuse to answer. In fact, depending on how deeply I go into the divination, into the flow of wyrd, the words might just tumble out . . . → Read More: Are There Questions a Diviner Won’t Answer?

Divination: Problematic Answers to Clients’ Questions

By Galina Krasskova

What should a client do if they receive an answer they don’t like or can’t act upon?

The first part of this question cracks me up. If a client receives an answer he or she doesn’t like, he or she needs to suck it up. We’re not some sort of walking fortune . . . → Read More: Divination: Problematic Answers to Clients’ Questions

Client Etiquette when Consulting a Diviner

By Galina Krasskova

What etiquette should a client observe when consulting a diviner?

[Snip] Firstly, understand that a diviner is a specialist, a professional following a very sacred vocation. This is not fortune telling and it’s not entertainment and it’s not a game. There are appropriate questions and inappropriate questions with which to consult a . . . → Read More: Client Etiquette when Consulting a Diviner

Using Binary Divination

By Galina Krasskova

In my new ancestor book, one of the things that I teach my readers is the use of a binary divination system. This is a system wherein the question must be phrased in a way that can be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It’s down and dirty divination and can be very, very . . . → Read More: Using Binary Divination

Five Things a Good Psychic Will Never Tell You

By Patti Wigington

We occasionally get emails here at About Paganism/Wicca from people that have visited a psychic – or found one online – who has told them something suspicious. Not only something suspicious, but sometimes a dire warning of tragedy that can only be avoided by shelling out large sums of money. There are . . . → Read More: Five Things a Good Psychic Will Never Tell You

Tarot: Group Dynamics Spread

By Barbara Moore

As readers, heck, as humans, we are often asked for clarification about a situation. This technique and spread can help provide that clarification, if there is more than one person involved. In addition, it is meant to aid in understanding the other person (or people) involved so that the querent can develop . . . → Read More: Tarot: Group Dynamics Spread

Evolutionary Astrology: What the Moon's Nodes Mean in Your Chart

By Deva Green

No discussion of evolutionary astrology can begin without first mentioning Pluto. In evolutionary astrology, the natal position of Pluto symbolizes the core evolutionary desires/intentions of past lifetimes, while Pluto’s polarity point reflects the current evolutionary intentions. Similarly, we can look to the Moon’s nodes to see how the evolutionary journey within any . . . → Read More: Evolutionary Astrology: What the Moon’s Nodes Mean in Your Chart

Diviners--Protocols and Taboos

By Galina Krasskova

What protocols or taboos do you observe as a diviner?

I think this depends on the diviner. For me it varies. Certainly I’ve become more conscious of the need for certain protocols as I’ve gained more and more experience as a diviner; and of course, taboos come from the Gods and . . . → Read More: Diviners–Protocols and Taboos