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Planets for Pagans, by Rena Shesso

Reviewed by Lilith Dorsey

I was a bit skeptical when I got this book to review, I feel like I say that about every Pagan book but it’s kind of true. Most Pagans have a working or better knowledge of astrology and sacred sites. This book Planets for Pagans, by Rena Shesso, attempts to expand . . . → Read More: Planets for Pagans, by Rena Shesso

Horoscope Feng Shui

Using “Eight Mansions” for Dazzling Relationships

By Denise Liotta Dennis

Did you know that certain homes can support and ignite affairs, divorce, being bullied at work, conflict with family members, lawsuits, and other very unpleasant and disrupting events? Feng Shui techniques can find these possible scenarios and cure them.

Feng Shui dates back to . . . → Read More: Horoscope Feng Shui

Planets for Pagans, by Renna Shesso

Reviewed by Susan Starr

[Snip] One of the first things Renna Shesso writes – in fact, insists on – is going outside and looking at the sky, even if all you can see are a few of the brightest stars and planets. There is no substitute for direct witnessing, she tells us, and she’s so . . . → Read More: Planets for Pagans, by Renna Shesso

Molybdomancy: Divining with Metal and Water

By Polly Macdavid

[Snip] Molybdomancy is the melting of metal, usually lead, then pouring it into water and observing what shape it takes and determining the future accordingly. writes that the practice originated in Ancient Greece and was used in the Middle Ages to cure sickness and for medical prognosis. Also that witch hunters . . . → Read More: Molybdomancy: Divining with Metal and Water

Tarot Beyond the Basics, by Anthony Louis

Reviewed by DragonHawk7

Anthony Louis brings us an enriching and thorough examination of the modern tarot by first introducing us to its fascinating history. He begins in China, where the paper and cards was created, then to Egypt and the Mamluk slave soldiers who played games with a deck of 52 playing cards, much like . . . → Read More: Tarot Beyond the Basics, by Anthony Louis

Tarot Readings and Moon Phases

By Patti Wigington

A reader asks, “I plan to do a Tarot reading because I have some issues that really need questions and evaluation soon. But a friend of mine said I should wait until a certain moon phase but that’s three weeks away and I need to resolve things quickly. Do I have to . . . → Read More: Tarot Readings and Moon Phases

The Seven Card Horseshoe Tarot Spread

By Patti Wigington

As you develop your Tarot reading skills, you may find that you prefer one particular spread over the others. One of the most popular spreads in use today is the Seven Card Horseshoe spread. Although it utilizes seven different cards, it’s actually a fairly basic spread. Each card is positioned in a . . . → Read More: The Seven Card Horseshoe Tarot Spread

Quick Readings

By Barbara Moore

Being able to do quick (around five minutes) readings is a great skill to have if you read for parties or events. With the holiday season approaching, many of you will find yourself in situations where the quick reading will be helpful, such as for events or at parties with friends. It . . . → Read More: Quick Readings

Divination: How to Ask Questions and Get Useful Answers

By Elizabeth

Divination from the querent’s end (the receiving side) might seem easy — you ask your questions, the diviner coughs up an answer, and you take that as it applies to your situation, right? Well, yes and no. Although essentially that’s how getting a reading works, there’s usually more to it than that. Asking . . . → Read More: Divination: How to Ask Questions and Get Useful Answers

Diviners and Oracles

By Galina Krasskova

What’s the difference between a diviner and an oracle?

[Snip] Basically, I differentiate between the two in the following manner: divination is a combination being able to tap into the wyrd, translate its flow and patterns, and then interpret them for a client. This may be done via inherent psi-gift, by negotiation/interaction . . . → Read More: Diviners and Oracles