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Witches of Cyberspace, Part 1

By Sable Aradia

There was a time when I would have said that it was impossible to teach the Craft properly over the internet. There simply is no substitute for hands-on experience, and I would have said that it is impossible to get that other than direct and in-person. But that time has passed. Technology . . . → Read More: Witches of Cyberspace, Part 1

Social Networking and Being Outed

By Patti Wigington

A reader writes in with a dilemma that many of you have probably experienced. Starr says, “I have a MySpace page, and on it I’m open about my beliefs. Some people in my town are Friends with someone on MY top Friends list, and now everyone in town knows I’m Wiccan. I’m . . . → Read More: Social Networking and Being Outed

Temples of Ancient Pergamon to Become 3D

Archaeology News Network

Four temples of the ancient Greek city of Pergamon (Turkish Bergama) – viz., the temple of Zeus, the Altar of Athena, the Red Basilica and the Asklepion – will be transformed into a 3D platform and visitors will have a chance to see these ancient venues via their tablets and phones.

. . . → Read More: Temples of Ancient Pergamon to Become 3D

Some Religions Will Survive The Internet

By Swain Wodening

Valarie Tarico posted a commentary on religion and the internet back in January on called “Religion May Not Survive the Internet.” You can read it at It is an interesting post, but I find myself having to disagree with much of it. Her primary flaw? She addresses religion as if . . . → Read More: Some Religions Will Survive The Internet

The Age of Blog (Or: Are We That Important?)

By Fire Lyte

What’s the importance of pagan blogs? This is a question posed by blogger Teo Bishop (Bishop in the Grove) on his Facebook feed yesterday. It came about because of a sentiment expressed at Pantheacon by pagan blogger Jason Mankey (Raise the Horns on Patheos) that in the grand scheme of pagandom, pagan . . . → Read More: The Age of Blog (Or: Are We That Important?)

Decoding an Ancient Computer

By Tony Freeth

Key Concepts:

■ The Antikythera mechanism is a unique mechanical calculator from second-century B.C. Greece. Its sophistication surprised archaeologists when it was discovered in 1901. But no one had anticipated its true power.

■ Advanced imaging tools have finally enabled researchers to reconstruct how the device predicted lunar and solar eclipses and . . . → Read More: Decoding an Ancient Computer

Running a Heathen Internet Forum

By Swain Wodening

I have seen many fine internet forums come and go. Many start off with a whole lot of enthusiasm with lots of interesting posts only to dwindle down to nothing. Others do the same, but break down into flame wars. What does it take to run a successful internet forum? There are . . . → Read More: Running a Heathen Internet Forum

Risk of Robot Uprising to Be Studied

BBC News

Cambridge researchers are to assess whether technology could end up destroying human civilisation.

The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) will study dangers posed by biotechnology, artificial life, nanotechnology and climate change.

The scientists said that to dismiss concerns of a potential robot uprising would be “dangerous”.

Read the full article

. . . → Read More: Risk of Robot Uprising to Be Studied

Wikipedia vs. Pagans

By Christine Kraemer

This week, a notice from Tony Mierzwicki went out advising Pagans that several Wikipedia articles about important Pagan leaders were being considered for deletion. Patricia Monaghan (only days after her death), M. Macha Nightmare, Luisah Teish, Louis Martinie, David Jay Brown, Trance Mission, Matthew Abelson, Kenny Klein, Donald Michael Kraig, LaSara FireFox, . . . → Read More: Wikipedia vs. Pagans

When You’re Outed Online

By Patti Wigington

With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it’s no surprise that some members of the Pagan community are finding themselves accidentally “outed.” A reader writes in and says, “I have a Facebook page, and there’s a spot for “religion” and I put “Pagan.” Now all these people . . . → Read More: When You’re Outed Online