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Harry Potter – Beyond Book 7

J.K. Rowling has announced in new interviews with the Today show on NBC TV today (July 26) that the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was vague on purpose. She said it was her desire for it to be “nebulous,” something “poetic,” and that she wanted the readers to feel as if they . . . → Read More: Harry Potter – Beyond Book 7

The Witches’ Shield

By Glaux

The first thing to consider when building a magic shield is what you will be using it for. You will want to create a barrier that allows your own energy through unimpeded while offering you strong protection from outside influence. You may want to have a shield that surrounds you like a bubble . . . → Read More: The Witches’ Shield

Modern Ancestor Worship Musings

By Star Foster

I’ve been slowly tracing back my family’s history and thinking of the stories my parents and grandparents told me. Usually talk of ancestors was accompanied by a book, either a small notebook crammed with notes or family Bibles being opened. My mother’s father had no birth certificate and the family Bible . . . → Read More: Modern Ancestor Worship Musings

Coming Out as Heathen, Pagan, or Wiccan

By Galina Krasskova

I have no particularly compelling conversion story of my own. I had already left my birth religion as a teen and my transition into polytheism and later on to Heathenry was fairly straightforward and organic. It helped that I was already living on my own and wasn’t dependent on the good . . . → Read More: Coming Out as Heathen, Pagan, or Wiccan

That Frightening Word

By Steven T. Abell

“But why do you have to call yourself that?”

I’m always suspicious of questions containing the phrase “why do you have to . . .” I’m not usually talking about life and death situations when somebody asks me one of these absurd and annoying questions, and I’m pretty sure the people . . . → Read More: That Frightening Word

My Dianic Priest Conundrum

By Fire Lyte

Dianic Wiccans seem to be one of the most indefinable branches of the smaller Wicca umbrella of Paganism. The biggest problem in answering some of the questions about Dianic Wicca doesn’t seem to be in the actual definition of the term, but in the varying degrees to which the definition is applied. . . . → Read More: My Dianic Priest Conundrum

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Level of Skepticism

By Sarah

There is a very fine line between magic and madness. Some who follow this crooked path believe they go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other, but I say that is an unhealthy view point. For magic to work, it is best to be a sane functional human being . . . → Read More: The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Level of Skepticism

5 Senses & the Gaelic Well of Wisdom

By Heather Awen

In the Celtic Lore (which we don’t call Lore, but why not? Heathens do.), there is the story of a well with five streams flowing from it. (There are also salmon eating the nuts from hazel trees, other Gaelic symbols of wisdom.) The human male who sees it asks what it means . . . → Read More: 5 Senses & the Gaelic Well of Wisdom

In My Bones, I Am a Witch

By Hecate Demetersdatter

Maybe it won’t be helpful at all, but on the off chance that someone who has to talk to the press ever needs to actually explain “what Witchcraft is,” here’s (a bit of) what it is, to me.

It’s a religion that honors that part of women that is also divine, that . . . → Read More: In My Bones, I Am a Witch

The Gifts of Unity

By Star Foster

This past Sunday I was worn-down, run-down and spiritually low. Yet I decided to go sit in on the meditation class for my coven’s current set of students, bringing my old notes and sitting quietly in the back. Despite allergies and my general feeling-ickiness, I felt a sea-change within me as . . . → Read More: The Gifts of Unity