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Where the White Stag Runs

Boundary And Transformation In Deer Myth

By Ari Berk

[Snip] At this time of the year, the deer venture often into our realm. Last night in my front yard, a herd of deer—thick and wooly–looking with their winter coats—were feeding on fallen rowan berries. This morning, their tracks could be seen making spirals in the . . . → Read More: Where the White Stag Runs

Nome Alone – the Animals of Hekate and the Moon

By Nick Farrell

Research has revealed an interesting link to the lunar animals of Hekate in the Greek Magical Papyrii of the London Paprus 121 (PGN II) and the Mansions of the Moon (Weinstock, 1949), however it has so far failed to nail down a source for the list. Indeed if it was meant to . . . → Read More: Nome Alone – the Animals of Hekate and the Moon

Shapeshifting Felines

How the Domestication of Cats Led to their Worship

By Mike Williams

[Snip] It will come as no surprise to any cat owner that, rather than humans domesticating cats, cats probably domesticated humans. As the Mesolithic hunter-gatherer lifestyle was coming to an end, people started to grow crops. Soon, they had surplus grain and had . . . → Read More: Shapeshifting Felines

Animal Spirits: Shapeshifting, Familiars, Companions

By Grant Guindon

Its been quite a while since I’ve shared on the topic of animal spirits and what they are to me personally. Throughout all my travels, apprenticeships, teachings and overall exposure to the spiritual realms I’ve experienced countless perspectives on the subject of animal spirits.

The first of which I would care to . . . → Read More: Animal Spirits: Shapeshifting, Familiars, Companions

Snakes and Serpents in the Ancient Hellenic Religion

By Elani Temperance

[Snip] The ancient Hellenes were not fearful of snakes. They might have been cautious of poisonous ones, but in general, happening across a snake was a good omen. Unlike in Jewish and Christian mythology, where the Devil working though a snake got Eve to eat the apple, Hellenic mythology usually reserves a . . . → Read More: Snakes and Serpents in the Ancient Hellenic Religion

How Coyote Imitated Snake

By Lupa

Coyote was loping through the grass one day when she heard a voice off in the distance. “Ah, me!” it said. “Ah, me!” Being a curious sort, Coyote decided it was her duty to investigate this voice on the wind. So she trotted off toward it.

Soon she came to a tiny . . . → Read More: How Coyote Imitated Snake

Power Animals (Sacred Cows)

By Nimue Brown

When choosing an animal ally, spirit guide or totem, it’s odd how often we Pagans find ourselves picked by glamorous top end predators, and how rarely someone admits to being guided by skunks, jellyfish, worms and other, less romantic life forms. You’d imagine, if the animal spirits were doing all the choosing, . . . → Read More: Power Animals (Sacred Cows)

Sacred Horses

By Morgan Daimler

Horses have long been seen as sacred animals in Irish paganism. Evidence shows the presence of horses in Ireland as far back as 3000 BCE and we know that during the Celtic period they played an important role (O hOgain, 2006). Horses were a status symbol, a very practical means of . . . → Read More: Sacred Horses

Freyja’s Cats

Perspectives on Recent Viking Age Finds in Þegjandadalur North Iceland

By Brenda Prehal

[Snip] Introduction: Despite its modern popularity, the domestic cat has been overlooked a s a valuable tool in symbolic and interpretive understandings of the Viking Age. The cat’s importance in some cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, is abundantly clear, but since they . . . → Read More: Freyja’s Cats

Dusky Arion as Animal Totem

By Lupa

“Dusky Arion” sounds like a pretty name, right? Maybe even the moniker of a character in a sci-fi or fantasy story, or a particularly inventive stripper. In actuality, the dusky arion is neither an imaginary being nor a sensual dancer–it is a slug, and here in the U.S. an invasive one at that.

. . . → Read More: Dusky Arion as Animal Totem