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“Melencolia” the magic square

Early in the sixteenth century, the famous German artists and engravers, Albrecht Durer and Lucas Cranach, were influenced to some extent by alchemical ideas and symbolism, but they left no pictorial impression of an alchemist or his laboratory. Durer (1471-1528), one of the two greatest artists Germany has ever produced, was particularly skilled in . . . → Read More: “Melencolia” the magic square

What is Prima Matra?

by Johannine Grove

Prima Matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated first matter, and covers any form of matter that is resonant with the original first matter. According to Tehuti /Thoth, originally this planet was entirely a spiritual creation without a matter counterpart, in other words it was pure energy with Divine . . . → Read More: What is Prima Matra?

Cordial Waters from the Stillroom

by Ivan Day

On their first arrival in England in the late 1400s, distilled cordial waters had been strictly used as alcoholic medicines, prescribed in small doses to invigorate the heart and revitalise the spirits. By 1700, these forerunners of modern liqueurs were being imbibed for their intoxicating effects as well as their medicinal virtues, . . . → Read More: Cordial Waters from the Stillroom

Aether (classical element)

According to ancient and medieval science, Aether (Greek αἰθήρ, aithēr[1]), also spelled ether, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.

Fifth element

Plato’s Timaeus posits the existence of a fifth element (corresponding to the fifth remaining Platonic solid, the dodecahedron) called quintessence, of which the cosmos and all . . . → Read More: Aether (classical element)

Crafting a Conjurer’s Garden

By: Stephanie Rose Bird

Sacred (sā’krĭd) adj. 1. Set apart for worship or veneration. 2. Space devoted entirely to a specific purpose. 3. Regarding religious objects, rites, or spiritual practice.

I am a sacred gardener. Through this activity I have gained pleasure, sensual delight, and metaphysical insights, and witnessed a miracle or two. My garden . . . → Read More: Crafting a Conjurer’s Garden

Alchemy, Magic, Incubation, Metatron, and Ancestors

When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking. — Albert Einstein

Esoteric, Geometric, and Symbolic writings, act as a “synapse” between the two polarities of intelligence. One finds that a clear logical . . . → Read More: Alchemy, Magic, Incubation, Metatron, and Ancestors

Alchemy and the Alchemists

by Raymond Buckland

“The Mysteries” . . . we generally think of these in relation to the ancient initiatory rites of Greece and Rome; the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Orphic, the Phrygian, the Mithraic, plus the Egyptian, Tibetan, and others. Yet the term could as well be applied to the writings and diagrams of alchemy. Such . . . → Read More: Alchemy and the Alchemists

The Summer Solstice

by Alligator

The Summer solstice marks the middle of the flowering season. The official beginning of summer it is also the longest day of the year and marks the shortening of daylight hours. This time corresponds to the EIGHT cards of the Tarot. There is a reversal of energy flow as the days begin to . . . → Read More: The Summer Solstice

Alchemy and the Charmed Life

Lately I have been thinking a bit about alchemy. According to Wikipedia, “Alchemy was known as the spagyric art after Greek words meaning to separate and to join together. ” I even went out and bought a rather thick, wonderfully illustrated book on alchemy several years ago. A whopping impressive 711 colored pages. At the . . . → Read More: Alchemy and the Charmed Life


Alchemy In everyday usage the word “alchemy” describes a psychological interplay among people. Its etymology points to the actual practice of alchemy–derived via Arabic from the Greek chemeia. Historically, alchemy involved the heating and mixing of chemicals and mineral substances with a view toward artificially transforming base metals into gold. The ancient Greeks in Alexandria . . . → Read More: Alchemy