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The Polytheist Movement is a Human Rights Movement

By Theanos Thrax

I often say that Polytheist religious movements are human rights movements, and sometimes people don’t understand what I mean by this, or challenge it, so I wanted to try and make a statement on this. So, here goes:

The “Polytheist Movement” is absolutely a human rights movement, in that it is interested . . . → Read More: The Polytheist Movement is a Human Rights Movement

Pagan Activist Starter Kit

By Courtney Weber

There is no shortage of Pagans willing to make their world a better place. There is a shortage of practical how-to manuals that can show us how to do this work. Whenever I share a story or a statement about something that I believe needs the attention of my community, I’m often . . . → Read More: Pagan Activist Starter Kit

The Pagan Slur: Do We Hurt the Environmental Movement by Association?

By John Halstead

“Environmentalism is a form of pagan fundamentalism. These green wackos are fanatics like al-Quaida. Just like them.” – G. Gordon Liddy

What’s in a name? This past weekend, my father asked me why Christians don’t like Pagans. I think this may have been the first time he has ever asked my anything . . . → Read More: The Pagan Slur: Do We Hurt the Environmental Movement by Association?

Liberation Thealogy and Goddess 2.0

Tim Ward interviews Karen Tate

[Snip] On the cusp of 2015, Goddess worship is moving into a new generation of leaders who are striving to evolve beyond individual teachers, isolated communities and occasional communal rituals and bring the Goddess into the mainstream. Call it Goddess 2.0. One of the leaders of the 21st Century Goddess . . . → Read More: Liberation Thealogy and Goddess 2.0

Polytheism and the Anti-Modern

By Rhyd Wildermuth

As both a fiercely leftist Anarchist and as a Polytheist, I’ve found myself often in an odd predicament. Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Statist theory is generally materialist, assessing belief in gods and spirits as forms of social control which sustain authoritarian and exploitative forms of governance and economics. In such estimation, then, Pagan and . . . → Read More: Polytheism and the Anti-Modern

Goddess Mythologies and Social Justice

By Karen Tate

How are ancient Goddess mythologies and religions relevant for social justice? How can we all hear the call of the Goddess?

So let us look at several brief examples of the Sacred Feminine as deity, metaphor or myth and how we’re given a template for living or advice for values we might . . . → Read More: Goddess Mythologies and Social Justice

Media, Mind Control, Myth, and Magic

By Shauna Aura Knight

Your mind is being controlled. Really. It’s happening all the time, and at a subtle, insidious level.

You are being programmed.Every time you read a billboard, watch a commercial, even a TV show. You are being brainwashed. Ideas are being thrown at you. You’re being told a story, you’re being told . . . → Read More: Media, Mind Control, Myth, and Magic

Looking at Our History (Part 5) — Feminism

By Julian Betkowski

Feminism has been a powerful force within Paganism. Indeed, it could be argued that feminism changed the face of Paganism. While modern paganism had a strong focus on female divinity, it was not until the feminist movement began interacting Paganism properly that the roles of women were seriously questioned within the traditional . . . → Read More: Looking at Our History (Part 5) — Feminism

Social Justice through Interfaith

The way to walk your spiritual talk!

Covenant of the Goddess

A few days ago a post by Crystal Blanton positing that perhaps Social Justice is the “New Interfaith” appeared in The Wild Hunt.

“While Pagans in the Interfaith community continue to work toward religious tolerance, integration, and networking, we are hearing more about . . . → Read More: Social Justice through Interfaith

Ritual: Physical Accessibility, Transgender Inclusion

By Shauna Aura Knight

[Snip] I’ve said before that activism is sometimes saying the unpopular thing. Often, it’s standing up for those who do not have as much power in a dynamic, whose voices are not heard.

In this case, the unpopular thing is the idea that we–Pagan leaders and ritualists–may need to change how . . . → Read More: Ritual: Physical Accessibility, Transgender Inclusion