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WiccanWeb, A Reference

Oh, it’s been years.

Before Facebook, Twitter and other social sites the pagan community had few choices. In fact community sites were pretty scarce on the ground. These are the days of Myspace and AOL, when Yahoo was the search engine.. so long ago.

So why is this here now? Well, someone asked. Look around . . . → Read More: WiccanWeb, A Reference

Some down time

Did a few server updates and *Poof* some rogue process thread went and ate all the hard-drive space and made serving the wedpages a non-happening event. Took some time and tracking but in the end it was resolved by deleting a bunch of stuff.. then fixing the busted bits. Thanks to TJ for the help . . . → Read More: Some down time

WiccanWeb Today

The migration process is more or less complete at this time. There is still plenty to do but much of it now will be far less obvious to the average user (sanitizing text, formatting fixes, bug hunting and little things you may miss).

If you are a returning user please remember to use ‘Lost Password’ . . . → Read More: WiccanWeb Today

Migration in Progress

(Update 2011/9/4)

The migration process is nearing completion. Some bugs to hunt, training for staff, forusm to create and re-think. Not to mention a consideration of which Plug-ins we need right away.

Here’s a brief summary of what happening:

Users are ported but only to February 2011. If you’re newer than that re-create your account.. . . . → Read More: Migration in Progress