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Asatru & Wicca

Those Who Ignore Mythology Are Condemned to Relive It Heathenry / Asatru – Commentary By Volkhvy – 12/29/2002

There still exists between Wicca and Asatru a common misunderstanding of each other, even a certain degree of antipathy. Oddly enough, this has happened before, and is recorded in Norse mythology. Of course, given that myths . . . → Read More: Asatru & Wicca

Toward a Celtic Numerology

Toward A Celtic NumerologyBy Mike Nichols

‘…I have been a word among letters.’ –the Book of Taliesyn, VIII

What’s in a word? Or a name? What special power resides in a word, connecting it so intimately to the very thing it symbolizes? Does each word or name have its own ‘vibration’, as is generally believed . . . → Read More: Toward a Celtic Numerology