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Reflections on ‘old guard’ Paganism

By Mike Nichols

‘Old Guard Paganism’. The phrase started out as a joke, but then caught on. This tells us something. It tells us there is a NEED for such a term. It also implies its own antithesis, ‘New Guard Paganism’. And it indicates that there is some difference between the two — a ‘difference . . . → Read More: Reflections on ‘old guard’ Paganism

Why Initiation Made Me Love Solitary Wicca

by Star Foster


Even if my initiation wasn’t oathbound, I still really couldn’t tell you about it. Some human experiences can’t be effectively communicated. I’d imagine giving birth or losing a loved one to a wasting disease are good examples of those kinds of experiences. You can talk about them all you want, but . . . → Read More: Why Initiation Made Me Love Solitary Wicca

Interview with Vivianne Crowley on The Pagan Federation’s 40th Anniversary

By Jason Pitzl-Waters

In October, The Pagan Federation, an international organization that was founded in 1971 to provide information on Paganism and counter misconceptions, celebrates its 40th anniversary. What was originally started in Britain now has branches throughout the world, including Mexico, Russia, and the United States. While the Pagan Federation (PF) is a vibrant . . . → Read More: Interview with Vivianne Crowley on The Pagan Federation’s 40th Anniversary

The Witches’ Shield

By Glaux

The first thing to consider when building a magic shield is what you will be using it for. You will want to create a barrier that allows your own energy through unimpeded while offering you strong protection from outside influence. You may want to have a shield that surrounds you like a bubble . . . → Read More: The Witches’ Shield

Qabbalah and Power of the God Names

By Frater Barrabbas

Now that we have reviewed the various God Names as found in the Qabbalah, and examined their sources and shown how they can be compared to pagan pantheons, we can review the use of these names in a kind of magickal system devoid of ritual or ceremony. It is an internalized kind . . . → Read More: Qabbalah and Power of the God Names

Interfaith Relationships

How to Survive Them and Not End Up Hating Each Other

By Patti Wigington

So you’re Wiccan or Pagan and your spouse/partner/lover/significant other/fiancé is … something else. Is there a way the two of you can manage to find balance? Or are you doomed to a lifetime of worrying whether every little disagreement will end . . . → Read More: Interfaith Relationships

Qabbalah – Ascension, Transformation and Gnosis

By Frater Barrabbas

Studying the Qabbalah isn’t just a lot of book reading, memorization or picking up handy practical techniques for working magick. The themes that it relates, the esoteric doctrines it explores and the various Godhead names, spirit lists, symbolic tables of correspondence and practical techniques that it reveals are not the source . . . → Read More: Qabbalah – Ascension, Transformation and Gnosis

Qabbalah and Sacred Sexuality

By Frater Barrabbas

One of the more supposedly interesting and fascinating themes that was proposed by various commentaries in the Zohar was the focus on sacred sexuality. This would have been, of course, a regimen of sexual activity completely in accord with orthodox rules and regulations concerning sex between married couples, yet colored with a . . . → Read More: Qabbalah and Sacred Sexuality

Qabbalah and the God Names

By Frater Barrabbas

One of the most important keys to the Qabbalah is associated with the various God names attributed to the Ten Sephiroth. These God names are used to unlock the ten attributes of the Deity, and to either commune with or harness them for occult purposes. In addition to the ten Godhead . . . → Read More: Qabbalah and the God Names

How Do I Deal With Preachy Family Members?

What to Do When Family And Friends Evangelize

By Patti Wigington

For starters, you do the same thing you always do when you have a problem with someone. You tell them that their behavior is bothersome. Yes, they should probably know that they’re being obnoxious, but when it comes to preaching, people tend to . . . → Read More: How Do I Deal With Preachy Family Members?