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Abundant Time

By Nimue Brown

[Snip] To me, living in the moment does not seem like engagement with life, but removal from it. Being in the moment sounds like pure immersion, but what does it do? It takes away the context for the experience. Humans have fairly linear lives, out of which we fashion narratives and understanding. Beyond a certain point, the more present you are, the more you have to let go of certain other things.

The focal point of living in the moment is (as I understand it) to free us from all those uncomfy emotions. Fear (of the future) and regret (about the past) are the big reasons why we don’t want to bother ourselves with any of that past and future malarkey. I simply don’t like the implications. Our discomfort with past actions is part of how we learn and our anxiety about the future is part of how we avoid disaster. We need, for example, to be really worried about climate change.

Nostalgia and a sense of loss teach us about what we love and value. Hope for the future uplifts us, creating purpose and direction. Do we really want to be free from the judgemental thoughts that are part of not being in the moment? Or do we need to make value judgements in order to function?

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