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Visualization for People Who Have Trouble Visualizing

By Tess Whitehurst

Think you can’t visualize? Not true. When you crave something—say chocolate—you strongly sense chocolate in your mind. Perhaps you sense it through taste, texture, or appearance…even when that chocolate isn’t anywhere in sight. When you’re looking for your cell phone, you hold an image of that cell phone or perhaps a tactile sense of what it’s like to hold it, even when you’re not actually looking at it or holding it. And how, exactly, do you know your house from your neighbor’s house? From an inner vision of what it looks like (or a sense of its general location) that you carry around with you wherever you go, naturally.

See what I mean? Everyone can visualize, and everyone is literally doing so constantly. For magical purposes, we want to learn to channel this inherent ability in a way that helps us resonate with that which we want to manifest. Because everything is vibration and like attracts like, this helps us draw our intentions into our life experience and essentially create the life we desire.

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