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Why Pagan Books Cost So Much (Part 2 of 2)

By Sable Aradia

[Snip] Printing

Deciding how many copies to print is probably a publisher’s biggest (and most risky) business decision. Every copy is an investment, but the more copies you print, the cheaper they are to print per unit. Most Pagan books are relegated by necessity to a small print run because it’s a small market. My first print run for The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power was 5000 copies. Relatively speaking that’s a pretty large run for a first time Pagan author. By comparison most sci-fi pulp novels run about 10000 copies. Keep in mind that Weiser/Red Wheel, while one of the three largest metaphysical publishers in the world (one of which, Hay House, doesn’t do Pagan books,) is still small enough that I regularly chat with the head of the company.

Two hard-copy proofs of the book are sent to me as the author review. If there’s a “stop the press!” kind of emergency, now is the time to act, though that’s definitely the exception, not the rule.

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