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How to Find and Join a Coven

By Thorn Mooney

[Snip] There are all kinds of covens. Beyond that, there are all kinds of ways to practice witchcraft. Each attracts particular kinds of people with particular interests and goals. Knowing who you are and what you want are key to finding a good match while looking for a group.

Do you want something formal, with a lineage you can trace to a significant historical figure or movement? Do you want a group of best friends, learning and exploring on equal terms? Do you want to only circle with a particular demographic of people (only women, for example)? Do you want the opportunity to include your children? How do you feel about working skyclad? Having alcohol or drugs in circle? Indoors or outdoors? Closeted or a focal point of the local community?

These are just some of the questions you should begin asking yourself. Others are more practical: What will my schedule allow? How far do I have to travel? Will my spouse support my choice?

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