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The Astral Journey: Where the Mystic and Magician Meet

By K. Herschel

[Snip] General Conception of Astral Projection:

When it comes to Astral Traveling, or Astral Projection, or Traveling in the Spirit Vision or Body of Light (or any other term you prefer) mysticism and magic meet. This meeting is, as almost all such meetings are, an uneasy one. The terrain of this unease can be mapped in much contemporary distaste for the metaphysical baggage that goes along with the theory of Astral Projection. Many would prefer to dismiss it as purely subjective, and thus consign it purely to the mystical realm in the worst way. For now I will remain neutral as to the metaphysical claims which undergird the basic conception of the astral but will explore the topic a bit later.

The basic conception of Astral Projection bridges mysticism and magic by proposing an experience in which the subjectivity of the practitioner can, through a form of meditative practice, get outside of its subjectivity and into an objective archetypal realm. This can be thought of either in terms of out of body experiences in which one can travel mentally in the objective world or in terms of theories of the Astral planes which represent deeper or higher levels of reality accessible only in the subtle astral body. The idea, then, is simple. Astral traveling represents the achievement of the objective by means of the subjective. (At the risk of losing to “to long, didn’t read” crowd: For those interested in a general introduction to the methods of Astral Travel please read below. For those more interested in a discussion of the metaphysics of astral traveling please skip past the methods to the next section. Or everyone could read both.)

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