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Sorting Out the Sheep from the Goats

By Nick Farrell

[Snip] One of the difficult issues that a modern occult group faces is “who do you let in” which actually comes out as “who don’t you like.” The modern “new age” theory is that everyone should be let in unless you can find a damn fine reason not to. However his is not entirely true. There are some people who should not be allowed into an esoteric group until they have mastered some fairly basic skills and some will find the work actually dangerous.

Mental illness

On my Facebook group were talking earlier about being excluded from occult groups for mental illness – and it is true that in some cases there are types of mental illness which will be exacerbated by esoteric techniques. There is no reason if a person is careful (and they are self-aware enough of their problems) that they can navigate through their illness and an occult path. However they have to be aware of the risks and will sometimes have to rely on others to tell them to back off for a bit. But this applies to so called “sane people” too.

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