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Why Pagan Books Cost So Much (Part 1 of 2)

By Sable Aradia

[Snip] It’s difficult to comprehend why on earth my publisher would be charging $10.54 USD for a bunch of pixels. But honestly it’s not publisher gouging. There’s a reason it all costs that much. I thought maybe if I broke down how it all actually works from the inside people would understand it all a bit better.

The Process of Writing a Book

First of all, it takes years to write a book. Some of the other Pagan writers I know are more prolific than I am, but it took me three years to write The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power. That’s three years of every spare moment being devoted to getting a few lines on paper, which, at the time, I had to fit between my small retail metaphysical business and taking care of my then severely-disabled husband. I wrote a lot of it in slow periods at work; in the doctor’s office; in the chiropractor’s office; on bus trips and road trips. I have to thank Blackberry for the existence of the thing at all. This also doesn’t count the hours and days I spent preparing and teaching workshops to test and try my exercises and theories (or the years and years of witchcraft I practiced to get the skills that made writing the book possible; but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.)

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