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More on Breaking and the Gods

By Galina Kasskova

The conversation on this topic going on within my previous post has brought up a few more points that I’d really like to address, at least in brief. I don’t think we – any of us—go into this work prepared. This is a huge deficit. It’s this, more than any other factor that I personally believe makes the breaking process so damned difficult. There is absolutely nothing in our society and culture that prepares us for devotional work and quite a lot that makes it problematic. We’ve got the monotheistic current (largely Protestant dominated, and more and more evangelical) and the Humanist current and those of us who are struggling to find footing in devotional work are caught in between, high and dry as the saying goes. We come into this work conditioned to struggle.

Our ancestors may have had their struggles spiritually but they were living in a polytheistic world, a world informed by the accepted existence of Gods and spirits and an awareness of the dangers of the sacred. Their entire world was not at war with the idea of polytheism, piety, and devotion. It was a necessary part of their world-view. I think this made the process easier for those who did seek out mystery cultus, or those who engaged in deep devotional work, and the mystics. …not easy mind you, but easier.

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