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Making It So: Seven Steps to Effective Spells

By Jenya T. Beachy

Spellcraft is a powerful component of any magickal practice. Is it prayer? Yes. Is it art? Yes. Is it wishful thinking? That often starts it. Is it like “The Secret”, based on the “law” of “attraction”? Okay, maybe a tiny bit.

Mostly, spellcraft is a way of organizing our desires, finding and resolving roadblocks, eliciting the cooperation of those entities who can help us, all with the purpose of bringing our world into alignment with our vision. If you have ever managed a project in your life, you already understand the basics. Making it so is making it so, at work, at home, in circle. Same skills apply.

1. Self-reflection is the start of it all. Think about what is missing, how that space might be filled. Consider why you want the things you want. How do you expect your life to change when your magick comes to fruition? Is that realistic? Work and pray for clarity.

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