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When the Gods Push Too Far…

By Galina Krasskova

Twisted Rope has posted a thoughtful article here. It’s an important topic and one I think should be discussed more often: is it possible for the Gods to go too far and what do you do if this happens to you? In tandem with Twisted Rope’s post going up, someone emailed me asking what I thought about it, since I belong to a God known for pushing His people very hard. I hadn’t intended to write a post about this, but then I started to feel pushed to do so. This is something that has been a constant for me for more than twenty years. It’s not something that we generally discuss openly in our communities (I don’t know why not. For me, I think I just take it as a matter of course, and being Odin’s I have a perspective on it that tends to make me come across as quite cold. Also, there are other reasons that I’ll discuss in the body of this post). There is such a thing as “spiritual trauma,” but that can be tremendously productive if it’s worked through. Even that, when there are good pastoral counseling texts available, and a corpus in numerous religions attesting to it, is largely ignored. Maybe it’s time for more voices to be heard on this topic, so here I am, writing a post I don’t want to write, when I’m sitting here with a headache, irritable and tired and wanting nothing more than a hot bath and bed. Note the irritable part, it will likely affect my tone.

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