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On Pagan and Wiccan Ritual

By Sable Aradia

[Snip] The use of language, sound, and ritual is the most familiar form of Witch’s magick; it’s what people usually think of when they hear the word “Witchcraft.” Rites, chants, spells, runes, and charms speak directly to your conscious mind to formulate your Intent, and if well-written, they also utilize symbols, archetypes, correspondences, and mythology to speak to your unconscious mind. Most Witchcraft books focus on this Third Path. My intention with this chapter, then, is to teach you about the theory rather than specifics. Hopefully you will never need to consult a magickal recipe book ever again, and will instead have the practical tools at your disposal to make the best kinds of spells, rituals, chants, charms, and runes; the ones you write for yourself.

These methods all use a language of symbols and art to speak to the subconscious mind, and through that, the Universe, to communicate a specific desire. Learning the Witch’s language of symbolism is like learning the language of manifestation. Using it makes it easier to communicate to the Universe what you want. The study and practice of this symbolic language is called “the art” or “the craft” for a reason.

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