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Tarot Mucha, by Giulia F. Massaglia

Reviewed by Tabitha Dial

The Tarot Mucha is an Art Nouveau style deck inspired by Czech painter Alphonse Mucha. Mucha’s style resonates in his unique lettering, and the stained glass work that seems to influence his paintings. He broke into the art world when noted stage actress Sarah Bernhardt became the model for his most famous posters.

This deck is a pleasure to work with: it provides an almost immediate sense that it works well as a deck for daily use, a workhorse for professional readers and a fine introduction for those new to tarot. The deck features quality, slick cardstock, a sturdy box that could well replace a need for a bag or other container, and a well-written book that offers a few straight-forward spreads.1

Tarot Mucha is a banquet for the eyes, the mind, and the emotions. A new breath comes through this deck. The entire package entices, with artistic choices such as the poses, and expressions of the figures on the cards, and a texture and richness of imagery. The figures and the angles of each archetype respect but step away from Rider-Waite-Smith tropes. Tarot Mucha offers both warmth and shadow, and skies and backgrounds engage every card with hints of depth and changing colour.

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