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Judging Your Results Against Others

By Jason Miller

One of the great things about Strategic Sorcery is that we have a very large (over 400 people) and active community that, for the most part, conducts itself with composure and compassion and keeps its focus squarely on the work at hand.

It is can be an awesome and inspiring thing to read about peoples success and see details of how they operate. On the other hand it can be disappointing to feel that you are not getting results that are as fast or strong as other people are reporting. I have had people worry that their stuff is not working because others are posting field reports of phantasmagoric visions, strange synchronicities, and practical results granted in just a couple days or even a couple hours.

It is great not to have to weigh your results in a vacuum, but its just as important not to define yourself too much in the context of other peoples results. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

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