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Spiritual Work Is Not the Polytheist or Pagan Equivalent of Free Cycle

By Galina Krasskova

So once again the issue of whether or not to pay our religious professionals has arisen, this time in an article on wild hunt. Really? Of course you should pay your specialists. I can’t believe how often this comes up. I think it’s indicative of the deeply unhealthy relationship our communities have with money. It boggles the mind.

[Snip] I simply cannot believe this is coming up again. Seriously, I should hope people wouldn’t quibble about paying a doctor or hairdresser, a tailor, or computer programmer. Your spiritual professionals have worked long and hard to gain the skills they possess. We’re not christians. Why the fuck are we deifying poverty as something holy? Why the fuck are we demeaning exchange and wealth? (a term i use loosely to encompass all the good things that enable life to be enjoyed sustainably, that enable us to reach out to others, that enable us to live in a way that’s something more than subsistence). Why the fuck are we demeaning the very people who have the skills, training, and knowledge to see our traditions forward in a sustainable way? People bitch and whine about wanting “Leaders”, wanting “temples”, wanting structure. Exactly how do you think those peole and things are going to function? Grow up. There’s no money fairy coming down out of the aether to drop sustainability on people, places, and things in our community.

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