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Stolen Season, by S.J. Tucker

Reviewed by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

[Snip] Interestingly, you might recall that I’ve already written something about this album, way back in October of 2013 (I can’t believe it was that long ago!), when I wrote a theological commentary on the song “Little Bird.” It happened so long ago, I’m afraid, that when I first heard the song, I was going “Gosh, I know I’ve heard these words somewhere before…but where?” (And that’s not any critique of how long this album has taken to emerge, it just dumbfounds me that it was a year and a half ago rather than only six months ago…what happened to the year in between?!? Someone seems to have stolen FOUR of my seasons, dammit!) The final studio version of the song is a fun one, and the music suggests to me (and I say this with great respect and admiration, so take note!) a scene from a film featuring The Muppets in which there is a montage of some sort going on–something worthy of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, perhaps! It is a song that makes one smile and cheers one up, certainly–and I’ve had great need of that recently, Gods know! 😉

An undertone of S.J.’s music that is present throughout her corpus is a Southern jazz/blues style, and in several numbers off this latest album, it comes fully to the fore in prominent ways. As much as I enjoy Irish music, as many people know, one of my favorite bands to come out of Ireland in the last few decades is not a trad group, nor even a rock group or singer (though I have those as well!), but instead the group Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club, who I was able to see once there in 2005 (and if you’re interested, I have a funny story to tell about that gig–but not now, I’m busy!); they are a New Orleans jazz/blues type band, who also incorporate various other styles into their music. I suspect that S00j and Jerry would get along quite well together! Various parts of Stolen Season seem to me to fit a setting like True Blood–and indeed, as a random outro to a song I heard S00j do a few years ago, she did a few bars from the theme song to that show, which was interesting since I watched that show after the concert!

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