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Anat: Warrior Goddess of Canaan and Egypt

By Edward Butler

The Semitic Goddess Anat was introduced into Egypt as a result of immigration and royal patronage, first by the Hyksos and then by the Ramesside kings. Anat is a huntress and warrior, and is depicted armed with a shield, a lance and a club or battle-axe. The warlike Ramesside kings seem to . . . → Read More: Anat: Warrior Goddess of Canaan and Egypt

Walking Between the Worlds

By John Beckett

Shamans and witches have long been said to walk between the worlds – to move back and forth between the world of the living and the world of the Gods and ancestors. As Pagans, we live in the ordinary world, in trance and dreams we visit the Otherworld, and in our circles . . . → Read More: Walking Between the Worlds

Ritualized Violence against Sorcerers in Fifteenth-Century France

By Aleksandra Pfau

In 1464, Jehan Sommet, a notary living in the town of Thiart in Auvergne, sought remission for the crime of murder. He described his disturbing night on the twelfth or thirteenth of June, when his wife “was greatly troubled in her sense and understanding, crying with a loud voice as if insensible, . . . → Read More: Ritualized Violence against Sorcerers in Fifteenth-Century France

Tying a Sacred Knot

By Laura Perry

Many symbols and images have held sacred meaning within religious traditions around the world and throughout time: the circle, the cross, the pillar, the pentagram. These symbols don’t necessarily mean the same thing in every tradition, and sometimes we can’t even be sure what the original significance was for each culture. One . . . → Read More: Tying a Sacred Knot

Ten Things to Take to a Pagan Festival

By Patti Wigington

If you’re attending any sort of Pagan festival – whether it’s an afternoon event with potluck dinner, or a week-long celebration in the woods – there are certain things you should always take along with you. Having these ten items on hand, at a minimum, will help to ensure that you have . . . → Read More: Ten Things to Take to a Pagan Festival

Brigid: Warrior Saint and Historic Rebel

By Courtney Weber

[Snip] As Christianity spread across Europe, the Gods of indigenous faiths were either disregarded by the Church or absorbed into folklore. Some were demoted to demons in the new Christian lore. Others were transformed into heroes of a legendary past where they continued to be revered with magick and significance. Still others, . . . → Read More: Brigid: Warrior Saint and Historic Rebel

On Differentiation: It Isn’t about “You”

By Theanos Thrax

There is a lot of conversation right now in the circles making up the Polytheist Movement, about differentiating polytheist religion (and its affiliated aforementioned movement, which must be understood as a human-rights movement organized around the premise of religious freedoms and identity dynamics) from other unrelated-but-intersecting social justice considerations and activisms. When . . . → Read More: On Differentiation: It Isn’t about “You”

Abundant Time

By Nimue Brown

[Snip] To me, living in the moment does not seem like engagement with life, but removal from it. Being in the moment sounds like pure immersion, but what does it do? It takes away the context for the experience. Humans have fairly linear lives, out of which we fashion narratives and understanding. . . . → Read More: Abundant Time

St. Stephen and Freyr

By Joseph Bloch

It’s well-known that certain Celtic deities were imported nearly wholesale into the Christian pantheon of Saints, with the most obvious example being the Celtic goddess Brigid, who is now known as St. Brigid. However, there are also similar correspondences with Germanic deities. One such is St. Stephen, known from the New Testament . . . → Read More: St. Stephen and Freyr

Naga Magick, by Denny Sargent

Reviewed by Jan Malique

Naga Magick is an interesting find on many levels. Denny Sargent has written an erudite and fascinating glimpse into a world at once mysterious and paradoxical.

Naga Magick began life as a research project which then blossomed into this book. As a practicing tantric and historian, Denny Sargent can speak with . . . → Read More: Naga Magick, by Denny Sargent