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On Divination, by Galina Krasskova

Reviewed by Jennifer Lawrence

To begin with: this book does not teach the reader to read the Tarot, the runes, ogham, the bones, palms, tea leaves, entrails, the flight of birds, the I Ching, or any of a myriad of other divinatory methods. In only one way is it a how-to book on divination: it contains a series of lessons for the reader not on the mechanics of divination, but on the ethics, responsibilities, and potential issues that might arise for one taking up the divinatory arts.

In that sense, this book is absolutely unique; there are thousands of books available to tell you how to read Tarot cards, or runes, or any other system thinkable; these days, you can’t buy a deck of Tarot or other divinatory cards without them coming with an easy guide on just how to interpret them. Possibly too much so: it can be argued that such guides have almost completely replaced any hands-on training that once would have taken place face-to-face for someone wanting to learn a form of divination. In the past — perhaps even as recently as twenty or thirty years ago — there were still many laws in place in many areas making it illegal to “tell the future” for money, and so such in-person training was often the only way an individual could learn the practice. This was prior to the advent of the internet, of course, where anything can be found if a person just Googles it long enough.

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