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The Spiritual Gifts of Wicca Do Not Stop with Wiccans

By Gus diZerega

Wicca and similar NeoPagan traditions have already helped humanity far out of proportion to our small numbers. We have disproportionately strengthened two spiritual insights essential to humanity’s future: the sacredness of the feminine and the sacredness of nature. In the absence of a appreciation for both, our society faces increasingly dark times, times even darker than those we are currently suffering.

The crisis of our times

As with every society, America has always presented a positive and negative side. Because of our power, both are large. The positive gives us a vision of universal equality under the law; government by consent of the governed; religious liberty; economic prosperity for all; universal education for all; a society built on human rights rather than the narcissism of race or tribe; and with respect for nature manifesting in a national park system honored and duplicated world-wide and a vision of ecological sustainability. Many of these values are now better manifested in other nations, poor and rich alike.

Our shadow side has included the robbery and genocide of Native Americans; an economy rooted in the horrors of slavery; oppressive and violent racism and tribalism; large religious communities that worship deities who, were they human, would be locked up as criminally insane; aggressive wars in service to endless greed, wars that, like that greed, are now unending; and growing contempt for science and for maintaining a sustainable world for the nature so many of us love, and for future generations of human beings.

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