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Improving Your Habits with Lunar Help

By Maggie Anderson

Almanac devotees are familiar with the formidable list of agricultural and farm husbandry chores that can be done successfully under the right Moon phase. These include planting potatoes, making cheese curds, and cutting hay. I keep my Moon Sign Book handy just in case that five-pound bag of potatoes under my sink begins sprouting and demands to be planted. Its listings of Moon phase and the zodiac sign for each day are useful for all sorts of practical matters. For instance, if I substitute the word grass for hay, I know when it’s time to mow my lawn!

After Bibles, almanacs were the second publication to roll off the newly invented European printing presses around CE 1439. Society was primarily rural then, and had a long tradition of coordinating agricultural activities with the phases of the Moon. Our agricultural ancestors also had health and grooming concerns similar to our own; that’s why we’ve inherited their knowledge about the best phases of the Moon to have haircuts, visit the dentist, and begin a new business.

Although our forefathers and mothers had the same physical, moral, and spiritual strengths and weaknesses as we do, they didn’t emphasize personal development as much as building character and community. Personal goals were not an issue for them and the phrase “self-development” wasn’t used often—if ever—in the earliest almanacs.

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