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A Tapestry of Metaphor: Art and the Pagan Spirit

By Paul Rucker

[Snip] Religion — from re-ligare, “to bind together” or “to reconnect” — implies a specific community connected by a shared sense of the sacred. Sacred arts speak to the devoted heart of such a tribe, through images and symbols that make tangible its truths, its revelations, and its joys. Even as the gods create the world, humans make art, and make of art, their offering to the world.

As a contemporary Pagan who is both an artist and a mystic, it is difficult for me to imagine any religious culture without art, especially within the Pagan religions of today. My own art evolved from my need to make tangible expressions of the thoroughly Pagan visions I have experienced since early childhood. Thus, when eighteen years old, I discovered the world of modern Pagan culture and worship and I felt I had found my tribe. What had been a solitary visionary spirituality opened onto a hearth of Pagan religion.

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