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Deep Magic Begins Here, by Julian Vayne

Tales and Techniques of Practical Occultism

Reviewed by Psyche

Julian Vayne has written and contributed to eight books, and writes regularly for the always excellent Blog of Baphomet. His earlier book, Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick, co-written with Greg Humphries, is one I regularly recommend to budding chaotes and those who want to get a feel for what chaos magick is really like.

Deep Magic Begins Here carries on from where his previous solo effort, Magick Works, left off, though apart from the first essay, a familiarity with the previous book doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite for enjoying this one. (At least, I assume so. I haven’t yet read Magick Works, and I managed just fine and had a lot of fun with this one.) Though somewhere between Magick Works and Deep Magic a “k” seems to have dropped from the title, but it’s usually present within the text.

Like his previous book, Deep Magic collects essays, various talks, lectures, anthology pieces, rites, rituals, and choice posts from the aforementioned blog. The topics typically centre on chaos magick, gender fluidity, Buddhism, and other wonderfully diverse subjects. There’s the material from a six week online course on witchcraft that uses Paul Huson‘s Mastering Witchcraft as a source text. An essay about a psychic dolphin called Snorky who visits participants in a ketamine rite, reminiscent of the ayahuasca lizard god. Another on psychogeography, which recounts his experiences and offers suggestions for those interesting in pursuing it in a magical context. Each piece is a surprise and a delight, even when delving into darker subjects like ritual mutilation.

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