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Ten Must Haves for Your Tarot Altar

By Lilith Dorsey

Tarot Cards have a life and an energy all their own. Some people think I am insane for creating rituals that feed, bless, and protect them. They can think whatever they want, it has been with the benefit of over 30 years experience reading cards that I wholeheartedly believe that your tarot cards, as well as all your other divination tools, need to be honored and respected in order to deliver the best results. For optimum performance intelligent people keep their car in a garage and give it regular tune ups and care, your cards are also a useful tool to get you somewhere, a spiritual vehicle so to speak, so you better take care of them too.

Personally my tarot altar, or more correctly shrine ( a repository for sacred energy and power,) is located in a place of prominence and is an ever changing creation. There are items to cleans the cards, items to amplify their energy, personal items, items from ancestors, mentors, friends, and lovers. Sometimes I will add things such as a pendulum or dowsing rods to help all the divination tools attune to each other. It doesn’t matter what spiritual tradition you follow, or even if you choose not to follow any at all, the powerful forces of the universe surround all things and are available to help you gain access to spiritual knowledge. Pagans from every walk of life value the power of the earth, air, fire, water, and spirit just as our ancestors did. The following list draws on those energies and more to help you set up your tarot altar.

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