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Are Our Communities Ready for Theology?

By Galina Krasskova

I had an interesting conversation with my partner Sannion this morning. Over breakfast, I mentioned that my book “Devotional Polytheism” had gotten a good review on The Wild Hunt, but of course that the comments were cracked. He said that he’d read it, as well as the comments to my latest theological piece over at and was amazed. He had always thought, that when I said Heathens weren’t interested in the Gods, I was exaggerating. It was rather shocking to him to realize that no, really, I wasn’t; and while this latest round of comments and nastiness is par for the course when my name comes up in some quarters, the way that some Heathens choose to engage with theological material — regardless of whether they agree or disagree with it–really makes me wonder if our communities are ready for theological discourse and if not, why not.

I found the Wild Hunt and comments fascinating in what they betrayed about part of the Heathen community. Take for instance the way many of them seek to position themselves in relation to those of us espousing a more Deity-centered practice. I will happily admit that there are large sections of Heathenry who object to this. I think they’re tremendously wrong-headed, mind you, but I look at this as inter-denominational discord. My opposition on the other hand, denies that Deity-centered practice in general and I in particular are even part of Heathenry. That is significant. As much as certain Theodsmen accuse me of trying to dominate the language of community discourse to exclude those who do not think as I do, the fact is, that shoe is very much on the other ideological foot.

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