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Witchcraft Today–Witchcraft Tomorrow: A Manifesto

By Jason Thomas Pitzl

[Snip] Witches practice witchcraft, and when we do so, we stand in solidarity with all who do so. We do not get to pick and choose. They may not share our Mysteries, but they share our Art.

Witchcraft is a tool against oppressors. It sides with the oppressors at its own peril, for power is ever fickle, and our gifts ever mistrusted by the bullies and abusers who would make our power their own.

Practitioners of a racist Witchcraft, or a homophobic Witchcraft, or a transphobic Witchcraft, or an ableist Witchcraft, do not understand Witchcraft. Witchcraft is a gift to the oppressed, not the comfortable.

Witches do not seek to construct pews, though we may sit in them at times. Witches do not build grand temples, though we may give offerings at them. Witches do not seek leadership over others, though we may be called on for guidance. The Witch is counter-cultural, and our perspective comes from the margins.

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