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The Limits of Personal Power and The Dangers of Ignoring Them

By John Beckett

I have a lot of casual friends on social media sites – it’s one of the benefits of writing in a public forum. Even if we don’t agree on religion or politics or other matters, I like seeing a wide variety of opinions and outlooks in my newsfeed.

The downside is that I see a lot of misinformation, a lot of half truths, and a lot of damaging religion. Perhaps none are more common than the many variations on the idea of unlimited personal power.

Let’s face it – a lot of people come into Paganism (and especially into witchcraft) in search of power. Some are members of marginalized groups, some have had traumatic experiences, and some simply want to be as strong as they can be. These are all good, valid reasons to pursue personal power. Paganism is growing in part because it shows people how they can reclaim the power that is their birthright and how they can learn to exercise it for the greater good.

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