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Ethnic Fraud and Cultural Appropriation in Spiritual Communities

By Lisa Boswell

In the spiritual community, ethnic fraud and cultural appropriation is a huge problem which only seems to be getting worst. I have noticed that Romany Gypsy, African and Native American cultures are defrauded the most. However, there are others and to which extent depends on trends. I’m sure that if Polynesian magic becomes a ‘thing’ then there will soon be many people claiming Polynesian ancestry selling their “Authentic Polynesian Guardian Angel Spray” on Facebook groups.

I should state I do not have a problem with people whom are interested in my culture. If anyone has questions I will answer them.

What I do have a problem with is people whom think they know more about my culture than I do then try to ‘educate’ me on it. It is not the place of someone outside of a culture to tell those inside of it what they think.

What else I also have a problem with is people who lie both to others and themselves. They go around spreading false information about a culture whom they are loosely or falsely connected to.

This blogpost is therefore for the ethnic fraudsters, cultural appropriators and your general misinformed, opinionated new ager out there. I have selected several of your statements and answered them so whenever I see someone committing ethnic fraud I can link them to this blog post. I hope you find it informative!

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