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Marseille Tarot, Towards the Art of Reading, by Camelia Elias

Reviewed by Jason Miller

[Snip] There are alot of people working with the Marseille these days: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Yoav Ben-Dov, Enrique Enriquez; but my favorite has been Camilia Elias, the mind behind the excellent blog Taroflexions. Camelia’s style of reading combines the meanings of cards drawn from the largely oral cunning traditions that have surrounded the cards in France with the direct apprehension of the visual picture as advocated by Enrique Enriquez. The two modes together have unlocked Tarot for me and brought a new joy and accuracy to my consultations.

Her new book MARSEILLE TAROT, TOWARDS THE ART OF READING , is even more amazing than her blog. Her manner of writing reveals the cards in a more intimate way than I have ever seen in another book. The meanings are all there of course, but so is a list of what that card might mean when it appears with others – a feature I have not seen in Tarot book before, and one which gets to the heart of this style of reading, She also includes traditional health issues indicated by the different cards, and an example of that cards appearance from a reading she has done. It is is this last feature, seeing the cards interpreted alongside others and within the context of a question that demonstrates the shifting meanings, the manner of finding agency in the reading, as well as how to interpret the cards at face value rather than according to some grand esoteric system.

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