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Nome Alone – the Animals of Hekate and the Moon

By Nick Farrell

Research has revealed an interesting link to the lunar animals of Hekate in the Greek Magical Papyrii of the London Paprus 121 (PGN II) and the Mansions of the Moon (Weinstock, 1949), however it has so far failed to nail down a source for the list. Indeed if it was meant to be a list of animals attributed to Hekate it had shortfalls. However there is a pattern, which suggests that the list might have originated in Egypt and was adapted until its original meaning was lost.

The London Paprus provides a list of 20 animals which it says are attributed to Hekate. Weinstock says that this indicates that there are two lists of lunar animals and finds another eight from another Paprus to make up 28 the number of lunar days, and by extension the lunar mansions.

The list is as follows:

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